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Surviving the Rising Cost of Living

Spending should be linked to the availability of income and not to the spending habits of others. The Rising Cost of Living will reduce our disposable income and must be respected and addressed in order to survive. Remember the power of spending is in our hand.

The Power of the Paycheck

The Paycheck is losing its power these days and the Payday is not as welcomed as before. I remember those days when my colleagues and…

Money Tip: Do you need a Financial Checkup?

How healthy are your finances? Doctors recommend at least one medical checkup a year for healthy individuals and periodic checkups if there are health challenges. The state of your finances will affect your health in both positive and / or negative ways.

The inflated cost of living

Being healthy today is becoming an expensive affair. That is why I am passionate about helping people to get educated about money as well as…

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