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Bella-Marie shares her ’18 minute workout’ rule

The 18 minute rule – I was told many years ago by a wise PT that it takes the body 18 minutes to adapt to a workout. When doing a cardio workout haven’t you noticed that the first 15 minutes are at times tortuous, you breathing like a stuck pig and on the verge of quitting but when you continue for another few you find yourself almost (dare I say it)…cruising.

Is ‘PR’ in the way of improving your fitness?

I’m going start with a classic Steve Harvey introduction “I don’t know what it is about me but I gats to say whatever I’m feeling, I can’t help it….if I’ve gats something on my mind” Bella-Marie gonna say it.
1 Corinthians 6:19 (New World Translation version) says ‘What! Do YOU not know that the body of YOU people is [the] temple of the holy spirit within YOU’. For those of a religious nature or at least have some scriptural understanding will understand that, that verse indicates that you should view or treat your body as sacred ground. However, there are days when I see people walking into their place of worship who clearly do not view their body as something sacred.

The Meat Fast Experiment

Over the years I’ve notice more and more people turning vegetarianism or at least eating strictly fish/sea food. Admittedly I was initially sceptical and thought that it was perhaps a ‘FFF’ (Fad, Fashion & Faze), however the more research did the more I found myself paying attention to reducing my meat intake so this year I did a little experiment on myself.

The Curvy n Fit Movement

Curvy N Fit is coming to London on 18 August. Be part of the Movement

At Phenomenal Healthstyle we are big supporters of Evolve’s aims to challenge the UK plus size industry to show that women can embrace their curves whilst maintaining their fitness. That is why we are one of the sponsors of the Curvy N Fit Event happening on 18 August.

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