As described by the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘Phenomenal’ is something that can be described as “remarkable or exceptional, in particular exceptionally good”.


The Phenomenal Healthstyle Equation is:

Phenomenal + Health + Style = your pH

  • Phenomenal = Being You

Knowing and embracing yourself and steering the ship of your life; using your emotional intelligence to decide which daily steps you want to take to realise your potential.

At pH, we believe that everyone is Phenomenal. Some know and embrace it and others are still on the journey of learning to appreciate their phenomenal self!

When we think of health, we often think about looking after our body by keeping fit and eating healthily, but how often do we take a break to look after our most important asset – our Mind. I mean, once you have lost your mind, it can be a challenge to get it back, right?

In our fast paced city lives, more and more people are suffering with stress related mental dis-eases. Technology and life is getting faster; people’s dreams and desires are getting bigger; the world is getting smaller and with so many more choices and options – if you are not careful you can often feel like a ‘deer in bright headlights’.

With the help of Use Fresh Eyes and Self-Central let’s work together to find ways to not just not look after our body but also our heart and head!

Check out our blogs, podcasts with interviews, tips, insights and lessons learned on this journey called life. Or better still if you have a story to share contact us. To find out how to contribute go to the ‘Want to Contribute?’ section.

Click on links below to find out more about Self-Central and Use Fresh Eyes.

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