The Yellow World

Hello I’m Lisa Bent and welcome to the PH ZONE. In last month’s podcast, I expressed the importance of following your Blueprint, which is your own path. I acknowledge this takes time and where do you even begin in knowing what your blue print is? The Yellow World by Albert Espinosa is a book I started reading this week. It jumped out at me amongst the many other books in the bookshop due to its title. I read the first page and was sold; it’s this first page that I want to share with you.

The Blueprint path

Hello I’m Lisa Bent and welcome to the PH ZONE. This month I attended TedXBrixton which was just what I need to move me out of feeling stuck which I expressed in my July podcast.

Scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock moved me to tears. Her clear passion and love for what she does was evident in her presentation, which was inspiring and refreshing. Her words tapped into my soul’s desire which is to live and breathe my passion. I am still searching but know the answer is there, currently lying dormant. though stirred by this formidable women who is not confined by internal or external boundaries or limitations.

Despite everything still they rise

A friend and respected ‘Elder’ reminded me of the beautiful poem by Ms Maya Angelou – ‘And Still I Rise’. I found this video online of Ms. Angelou reading the poem, which made my skin tickle…her words made me smile and appreciate yesterday evening at dinner and then on to a nightclub with two young ladies who are currently at medical school.

Their dynamic spirits, sassyness, visual beauty, tenacity, powerful brains and their dreams (with plans) were empowering. They had somehow early in their journey learnt to master the ability to tell their story without being defined by it. They had the ability to ask for what they wanted without being rude; and they were kind but strong and inter-dependent.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela. Thank You

Mr. Mandela – thank you for your vision. I think of you every time I see this proverb…“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” ~Greek Proverb

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