Soul Searching

When people say that they’re doing some ‘soul searching’, what does that actually mean? Recently, I have heard this term being used at least half…

Uncovering hair stories at the ‘Hair and Our Perception of Beauty’ event

From embracing one’s natural hair to choosing to live authentically as our best selves, the event’s key message echoed that these are all paths along the holistic journey to self-acceptance and building a stronger identity of who we are as women of color. Individually, each woman is experiencing her own journey of self-discovery and growth. But it is a journey that is both personal and holistically a sum of many parts.

Do you know how the economy works? Learn in 30 minutes

I haven’t been as excited about sharing knowledge about finance since reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Ray Dalio, known as the Steve Jobs of investing, owns a ten billion dollar investment company. I happened to see him on a morning TV show last week and was intrigued by his demeanour. (I later found out that he meditates, like many successful people). A couple web searches later, I came across a phenomenal YouTube video he created to explain how the economy works in simple terms.

Tips on how to avoid the Flu Blues this season

Worldwide, influenza epidemics result in about three to five million cases of severe illness, and about 250 000 to 500 000 deaths. Most deaths associated with influenza in industrialized countries occur among people age 65 or older, in the chronically ill, or in the immune compromised. About 13% of the US population gets the flu each and according to some estimates the flu results in 100 million lost work days, nearly $7 billion in lost wages and 32 million missed school days. The flu is, however, highly preventable o each year you can take steps toward minimizing your time out of work or school. These guidelines below may help you with a flu free fall and winter.

What are the best smoothies for runners?

This morning I had a moment of inspiration triggered by my raw food experience. At Jessie’s they make these delicious breakfast ‘birchers’ which include muesli soaked in apple juice with greek yoghurt or a cashew nut creamy blend topping. With my blender to the ready and a little imagination I made a smoothie that I think might become a regular ‘runner smoothie shot’ for an hour before my run. The smoothie included…

Quinoa and Chocolate anyone?

This weekend I came across this chocolate bar in the supermarket; it caught my eye. It’s suitable for vegans and it has the super grain of the moment – quinoa (actually it is the grain of the year – 2013 is International Quinoa year).

Enjoy Life with Crunchy Flax. What are you eating for breakfast?

If you are a healthy foodie like me then you will have noticed that there is a ‘healthy food’ revolution going on. Every week at my local supermarket I come across a new brand that is making a conscious effort to provide us with tasty foods that don’t contain the same ingredients as your household cleaning products or pet food! It seems that the impact of documentaries like Food Matters and Food Inc., plus the rise in diabetes and heart disease related to lifestyle and food choices have finally woken us up to smell the ‘matcha’

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