Phenomenal + Health + Style = your pH

Phenomenal Healthstyle is a phrase that encapsulates our vision of a balanced life. It’s not about work/life balance; or the perfect balance (good luck if you are still searching for that unicorn!).

Phenomenal Healthstyle is about the journey to find the balance that is right for the lifestyle you want. It’s about choosing your own path and deciding what is important to you to create your unique picture of a Phenomenal Healthstyle (pH).



To make your idea of your Phenomenal Healthstyle a reality you need to know who you are and embrace it. Sustaining your passion for life is critical to be able to steer the ship of your life in the right direction. Developing  your emotional intelligence can help you to decide which daily steps you want to take to realise your potential and create internal harmony with your mind, body and soul.

Phenomenal Healthstyle started out as a blog  in 2010 where individuals shared their passions, and insights on their journey to create their balance.   Check out some of these shared thoughts on the Balance Blog



If you are rundown or burnout your ship won’t move! There are so many ways to be healthy and one size really does not fit all. Being healthy and eating well does not need to be a chore or a bore. It’s just about knowing who you are and finding what works for you.  Coming soon…subscribe to our pH balance box and we will send you 3 cool health and wellbeing items a month straight to your door to help you find your balance or download our app and get suggestions of where to find ‘healthy’ options and activities on your travels



Life is about finding the right balance that works for you. Life is a journey of self discovery.   It’s about finding creative ways to express your creativity and make a contribution to the world that only you can make.

 Your pH

Can we join you on your Phenomenal HealthStyle journey?   If you need a friendly nudge to make sure you are incorporating your healthstyle into your workstyle one small step at a time, you’ve come to the right place. Talk to us we would love to hear about what you are doing to create your own phenomenal healthstyle. The world needs your idea!


Check out our blog – its random.   People who are finding their balance and sharing their journey to creating a phenomenal healthstyle.


Subscribe to our pH box and we will send you three of the best health and well-being products we find for you to try every month until you find the products and tools that work for you.


Join us on one of our Caribbean retreats on the magical island of Montserrat, whether you need a digital detox, a healthy retreat, chilled out holiday, hiking trip, yoga or a creative writer retreat Montserrat’s natural beauty will reinvigorate you and help you to remember the beauty in life.  Enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Become a part of the history of musical legends and entrepreneur visitors. Meet other entrepreneurs, share ideas, switch on, switch off, enjoy the beauty of natural fresh organic foods and experience the awe of a live volcano.

The Founder

zena_profileMy name is Zena and I’m the founder of Phenomenal Healthstyle (pH) brand. The brand and this site is an ever evolving beta test. A hobby that started in 2010.  I’m passionate about the power of ideas and entrepreneurship to change lives and support economic development.

For as long as I can remember, people have called me a workaholic; which I use to take offence to – until I met others like me and realised I’m just a creative curious entrepreneurial type personality with a passion for executing ideas until they work…or fail.


The challenge is that sometimes that passion can become so all consuming that your health can take a turn for the worse if you don’t keep yourself in check!

Fortunately for me (in hindsight) none of my ideas have failed for long enough to completely burn me or bankrupt me so I’ve had time to explore and experiment with my other passion – health and wellbeing.

Fondly referred to a member of the ‘nuts and berries’ crew – I’m addicted to trying anything natural (and legal!) that purports to enhance your health and wellbeing. Some work and some are just clever marketing. Over the last 25 years it has definitely been trial and error!

Are you are a passionate entrepreneur who is interested in their wellbeing, love the arts and are on a journey to create some kind of balance and equilibrium in your every day life? Connect with us and join our network of likeminded people.  I’d love to hear all about where you are on your road to your Phenomenal Healthstyle.

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