I’m ‘strictly’ on the ‘No Diet’ diet

Hello there girls (and any guys out there!) it’s Tickle Tuesday and I’m Tameka Empson. A special Hello and Thank You to Angela Tella for your comment and in response, I have to say I am not doing so well on the diet front.

Two weeks ago I was doing great; going to the gym with Miss BM (without the W). Last week I was good; eating breakfast and planning meals. This week, I’m doing bad (and it’s only Tuesday!).

‘What happened?’ I can hear Angela Tella cry.

Well, as you know last week I was nominated for the Best Comedy Performance at the British Soap Awards, so in the run up to the event I had been working out and eating well and on time (which is a key factor when you want to lose weight or eat healthily).

I didn’t get the award but I looked and felt great (I’ll post a picture next week). Everything from my hair to my toenails was perfect! But maybe emotionally it had an effect. That coupled with my nephew who I adore and have not seen in five years, was over from Florida for a short visit.

Now, when I got back from Manchester (where the awards were held) my nephew was visiting other family members in south London, so my excitement to jump on him was delayed for a few days. Cutting a long story short, we had a great time together but when he left I found myself in a very low place emotionally. That’s when it started…

I went out and bought chicken sausages to finish off the hotdog bread that my nephew did not get round to eat (as I don’t like to waste food, even though white bread and I don’t work – but I did it anyway). I ate ice cream, popcorn, all the bad but good things I bought for him, that young (American) people like (no offence to young or American people). I just lost it! I did keep up with eating breakfast – but now it was two potato waffles, beans, eggs and sometimes chicken sausages as well!

I heard myself saying ‘Tameka, what are you doing?’, I replied – ‘Eating what I want!’.

Then, I would have a glass of water and think that I was doing well by having it as part of my 2 litres a day. I felt like I was becoming Natalie Portman’s character in the film Black Swan where she loses herself to become someone else (having said that it is a slightly disturbing film and just for the record I was not growing wings or disrespecting my mother as she did in the film, hence I can write this blog post you are reading today).

Then on Saturday I went to a Christening and I met a guy who was FIT – I mean physically fit with all the muscles. Using my photographic memory I took in his overall shape and all the rest that was on show.

I asked him how does he train and he said TWICE A DAY. I thought he must be unemployed, but then he went on to say that he is a fitness trainer and a cage fighter.

Looking and talking to him along with other people in the gym, at work, in the supermarket and media, you know what I realised? It comes down to…DISCIPLINE!

No matter what is going on in your life you have to be disciplined with fitness and diet. To not be easily persuaded to have a big portion of rice and peas but to opt for the salad instead. To have a square or two of chocolate and let it be just that. To not look at the one pound of toffee popcorn and then find that you’ve eaten the whole bag in one sitting and then start to feel it on your hips (sorry sis, but you did leave it at my house).

It’s all about deciding what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, how long you want to do it for, and just getting on and doing it.

That, my readers, is what I am going to do. I will not give myself a hard time because what is done is done, but tomorrow is another day and it can be the start of my new week!!!

In the style of Bart Simpson in the opening credits of the Simpsons cartoon where Bart is in detention at school and has to write lines on the blackboard, this week:

I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined!

I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined!

I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined! I will be disciplined!


3 Responses to “I’m ‘strictly’ on the ‘No Diet’ diet”

  1. Kehinde Olarinmoye May 24, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Hi Tameka,
    I think you need to firstly remove the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary, purely on the basis that it doesn’t do the person trying to loose weight any good. Instead, adopt the term ‘lifestyle’ which is essentially what you’re doing; changing your lifestyle to make way for the new you!

    Secondly, when you’re change of lifestyle commences you should start to praise your body for the amazing and positive changes it’s about to embrace, almost like talking to yourself…but noticing your amazing new self for the 1st time. Trust me it works!

    Kehinde X

  2. Oh Tameka,
    Get back on the wagon! We all succumb to comfort eating now and again. But you’re 100% correct that it’s all down to discipline! It’s definitely the thing to master. It ain’t easy though, but maybe finding examples of where you demonstrate discipline elsewhere in your life might help. So learning your scripts perhaps…? Find an example to prove it’s possible, just need to put your mind to it (trust me, this advice is for you and me both)!


  3. Lord, I have so been there and done that,feel your pain sis, but good on ya for sharing, recoginsing and fixing, so I need to do the same, get back on the healthy eating, cause I really do not like the way my belly is fighting to escape my clothes, mufffin top. no more like a whole cake!

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