What are the best smoothies for runners?

I’ve started a marathon training programme with a colleague. We are in week 4 now and its amazing how the focus has shifted from purely exercise to mainly nutrition.  What has become very clear is that without the right type of nutrition,  not only will you not run very far but you will put on more weight and feel less fit than you did when you started training!

I went to a raw food class last week with Jessie’s Juice hosted at Bon Vivant in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman.  It was a lot of fun and the food was surprising easy to make and extremely tasty.  I’m a big fan of Jessie’s Juice Bar – you will find me there most lunchtimes ordering a wrap, salad, sweet treat or one of their vast arrays of smoothie concoctions.  (We will be interviewing them soon at Phenomenal Healthstyle so watch this space!)

This morning I had a moment of inspiration triggered by my raw food experience.  At Jessie’s they make these delicious breakfast ‘birchers’ which include muesli soaked in apple juice with greek yoghurt or a cashew nut creamy blend topping. With my blender to the ready and a little imagination I made a smoothie that I think might become a regular ‘runner smoothie shot’ for an hour before my run.

The smoothie included:

  • One Banana
  • Small cup of organic vanilla granola
  • Teaspoon of turmeric
  • Tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Coconut milk
  • Squeeze of agave
  • Vegan chocolate with quinoa

I’m pleased to say it was delicious…we shall see if it improves my running performance!   I’m not a professional runner so any tips would be gratefully received.  What do you eat before or after a run that helps your performance? 



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