Food & Fitness = Fab-boo-las!!

Hello again people Tameka here yet again! Thank you so much for your comments I’m glad I’m not the only one that has issues with choosing what to wear at the gym.

  • To Z’ I’ll try to get some shorts to avoid the VPL scenario, thank you;
  • To Rianne Ward’ I want to see a post from you telling me you actually went to a keep fit class, don’t use workout clothes as an excuse!

After my last visit to the gym with Miss BM (without the W) I have to say I haven’t been back.

Not because the right side of my body went into shock, not because my big and beautiful behind was in the faces of many men in the Man Corner’ (read my previous blog to get up to speed if you haven’t already or if you just want to laugh at my expense – again!), not because I didn’t want to – because I really did (just in case Miss BM without the W is reading this).

It was simply because of my work commitment and I was really tired. I mean really tired. The kind of tired that when you yawn so much you might as well go back to bed, because every time you yawn everybody can see (if you don’t cover your mouth) all you teeth, your tongue, your tonsils and right down your throat!

I was so tired I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, like I had developed narcolepsy.

I spoke to Miss BM (without the W) and after discussing what foods I had (or had not) eaten, it was a clear diagnosis that it was my eating habit that was making me so tired. Is it just me or is it hard to know what to eat when your dieting or eating healthy?

I get so confused. There’s the…

  • Eat for your Blood Type’ diet or;
  • Life Style Eating Habit’ diet;
  • the No carbs but good carbs are OK’ diet;
  • the Protein’ diet;
  • the Fruit’ diet
  • the Water and Juice’ diet,
  • the Baby Food’ diet
  • the Eat lettuce and imagine it’s a chicken leg’ diet, cho!

It’s just too much and can’t make this thing any clearer.

I had an extra pressure last week as it was the British Soap Awards 2011 which you can all see this Wednesday (May 18th) on ITV1 at 8pm and the after show party straight after on ITV2 where I will be on the sofa (I was nominated for Best Comedy Performance but you’ll have to tune in to find out the results!!!). So I wanted to be as trim as ever (or at least as
much as I could in the days running up to the event).

Ladies, why do we do it to ourselves? Leave everything to the last minute, have high expectations and then get vex when it doesn’t come together as we would want it to. However, saying that, everything work out just right on the night as you will see on Wednesday May 18th on ITV1 at 8pm and straight after on ITV2 (Yes, I’m plugging it twice).

So back to the diet. Miss BM (without the W) and her colleague (I’ve forgotten his name but he was a nice guy and very tall) were schooling me about how important food was and the timing of it, etc.

Basically, I just needed to eat more because I wasn’t eating enough. Not eating and exercising like a mad woman is not a good combination. So I decided to do what a lot of people do – have breakfast.

Oh I must say that I haven’t had milk in my tea since April 16…this year, I’ve just been having pure herbal tea (that is to up my water in take!).

So I got up early the next day and had nothing because I was so tired – I just about got out of bed showered and went to work. Miss BM (without the W) told me off via text and I promised her and myself that I would have breakfast the following day.

The following day I made myself, poached eggs, chicken sausage and sweet corn for breakfast with a cup of green tea. Sound good? I know I did that all by myself.

I then decided that I would add some black pepper for seasoning (imagine black pepper is a seasoning, I always laugh when I see chefs say that because where I come from – Jamaica, seasoning is something else, along with marinating. Jamaicans marinate overnight sometime days – so I hear).

Going back to the breakfast…so I flipped the lid on the pepper bottle and guess what? A whole heap of black pepper poured out the bottle all over my poached eggs. WHY? Because I flipped open the pouring side instead of the sprinkle side. WHY? Because I was still sleeping. WHY? because I was making breakfast at 4.15 in the morning. WHY? Because I start work at 7am. WHY? because Miss BM (without the W) and her tall colleague told me I should eat breakfast. WHY? Because dem sey mi hav fi heat in de marnings (translation: because they say I have to eat in the mornings).

Let me tell you, I was so upset. I tried eating it with the poured-out heap of pepper on it but there was more pepper than food and I thought it would build up in my throat and choke me. So I ended up scraping off what I could and ate the rest.

That week I made a real effort to eat more of the right things like vegetables, protein (chicken and fish) and drank lots of water and I did feel better. I think for me it is all about the preparation. Not only shopping in advance but literally cutting up the carrots, celery etc. and putting them in a container in the fridge ready for when I get a craving.

For those of you who have a partner try going to them every time you have a craving for something sweet and see how much weight you could work off (this exercise might be best to do on the weekend as running away from job and bursting into their work place for a one on one session might not be such a good idea as you might find yourselves looking fitter but also unemployed due to negligence. Just warning!).

But it’s true what they say, exercise without good eating habits and visa versa will not give you the results you want on a long term basis. When you think about it, your body goes through a lot and it tells us when it is not happy when we have a cold, flu, aches and pains. The very least we can do is treat it well by giving it good food and plenty of water.

One thing I promised myself is I refuse to go mad over food, it’s just not worth it. I’m in the process of designing my own diet, I’ll post it up once I’ve tried and tested it.

You know what I would like? Three tablets a day. I would like to go into a pharmacy and say ‘Hello Pharmacist, I would like to lose weight on my thighs and stomach please?’ and the pharmacist would give me a course of tablets that I take three times a day that would be nutritious and healthy and would eat away the excess fat.

Wouldn’t you?…


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  1. I enjoyed reading this Tameka. Thanks for being honest about your struggles! Looking forward to hearing about how you got on with your new ‘diet’.


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