The World Is Mine Because I Said So…

The Power of Words

From the time a baby is born there is a great emphasis placed on that highly anticipated first word. So when sounds such as ‘mmm’ or ‘daaa’ come from the said child screams of ‘they said mum’ or ‘they said dad’ are often heard from proud parents.

This excitement continues as the child grows and the first clear request is spoken to their first full blown conversation.

My point is this, words are very powerful and play an important part in our primary development and consequently shape our realities and the adults we become. Why is it then that we soon begin taking them for granted and overlook how powerful they can be? The words we speak have the ability to build up or tear down any individual or thing. This includes ourselves and therefore can make every word we utter detrimental to our overall mental and spiritual health.

You are what you speak

We often hear ‘you are what you eat’, but we shouldn’t forget ‘you are what you speak’. Positive words have the ability to encourage someone to believe that they could run the world, whereas negative words can cut so deep leaving invisible scars that can paralyses someone’s potential at being the best they could be. Sometimes the worst victims and perpetrators are ourselves. Negative self talk plays a big part in some of us not even trying to achieve our dreams, and therefore being stuck on the treadmill of life.

So as we start 2013, what words will you use to represent you and create the reality you desire?

Why not take a moment to do an inventory of your vocabulary. Do your words consist of positives ones such as I can, I shall, I will achieve ‘X’ in 2013? Or the not so positive such as I can’t, I can’t, I can’t!

Positive words provide a fertile ground in which dreams and desires can flourish whereas negative and unproductive words are like quicksand where dreams perish.

Remember words are live so every time we speak we are speaking a reality of sorts into existence. There is a saying ‘be careful what you wish for you just might get’ but to add to that ‘be careful what you say (or keep saying) you may just become that.

Think of it this way, if your words set the temperature to your life, and therefore the experiences you have, what would your thermostat be right now boiling hot, lukewarm or freezing cold? My own bench mark for this year is 30 degrees and above!

The power of words are within you therefore the world can be yours if you say so. Which words will you choose to warm you up and carry you through 2013?

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12 Responses to “The World Is Mine Because I Said So…”

  1. Wise words sis, nuff love x

  2. Nice One! x

  3. You go Girlfren, perhaps I could interview on our local radio station about your work /programme and your aspirations for POTT in 2013:-) let me know if your up for it !

  4. Great read Sophia, I consider myself a very positive person; seeing the glass half full rather than half empty. However, on the odd occasion I catch myself feeling self doubt, which stems from what a teacher said to me back in primary school.

    What you said in your “Power Of Words” paragraph is absolutely true, we really need to take responsibility in the usage of our language on others, especially knowing the huge impact it can have on another individual.

    I saw a play a few years back in which ‘Idris Elba’ portrayed an American married to a white lady. It told the story of him trying to overcome the prejudice…etc. The reason I brought it up was because there was a saying ‘Idris Elba’ kept referring to throughout the play, which was “Words Only Have Power If You Let Them.” Never a true word said, I am only what you say I am if I allow it!


    Kehinde X

  5. Nice one on point very empowering sis x

  6. Hey Sophia,

    Very well said!

    I agree there is so much power in the words we speak.

    The old saying about sticks and stones was nt quite true because words can hurt and cause long term scars.

    Lets continue to encourage others to choose their words carefully. And tap into the power behind positive thinking and speaking.

    God bless.


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