Healthy Habits: Candice Van Eeden

As we begin again with a brand New Year, a brand New Era, what can we draw from our experiences in 2012, whether positive or negative to guide us in achieving the best results in 2013?

For the month of January I will be interviewing people working in the fields of health, well-being, mindfulness and nutrition to find out how they will be shaping 2013 to create the balance in their healthstyle.

We begin our Healthy Habits series with an interview with Candice Van Eeden, Naturopathic Nutritionist currently working at detox company Nosh Detox

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Tell us about your self and what you do.

I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist. Naturopathic means that it is a holistic approach using non invasive methods such as drugs, to support the body’s vital energy to an optimum level so the body is supported to heal in it’s own way and time as it has been designed to. I have worked as a nanny and a cook for eight years in the past and that is where my passion for eating healthy meals came from particularly seeing how good foods boost children’s growth and intellect. I am currently working at a detox company called NOSH DETOX a diet delivery company, I am a member of the nutrition phone support team as well as a Chef and kitchen production manager. Our nutrition plans and programmes include ‘Green Juices’, Well Balanced Nutritionally Dense Food Plans, Health Conscious Cooking Classes given in your home for you and your family and Mind, Body and Spirit referrals like Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage. We also provide functional testing to give a clear indication of where the body system needs the most support.

How long have you been doing this for?

I have just finished my three year studies as a Naturopathic Nutritional Practitioner. I have been working as a chef, teaching people to cook health conscious food in my cooking classes at NOSH for eight months and giving basic dietary advice. I have just recently been promoted to kitchen production manager for our retail smoothies ‘The raw smoothie’.

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Have you always been health conscious?

I have always been health conscious. I grew up in South Africa eating a well balanced diet including animal products in moderation and endless amounts of fruit and vegetables. I remember climbing trees as a child picking fruit and berries and eating to my hearts delight, something I feel that all children should have the pleasure of experiencing! I was also encouraged by my father who is an excellent chef to cook from the age of 12.

If you were forced to live alone on a tropical island, which three items of food would you have with you and why?

On a tropical Island it would have to be Coconuts – Super food! The water is so hydrating full of minerals and electrolytes protecting me from dehydration. They would already exist on my tropical island, as well as the fish so already I would be happy on my island! Fish is an excellent source of protein and omega 3 oils that will keep my brain nice and sharp into my old age. Then there would have to be almonds so I can make almond milk and cacao pods so I can make raw chocolate which is full of antioxidants and LOVE!

Do you have any guilty food pleasures?

My guilty pleasure is a delicious jam or chutney spread on a rye cracker with creamy blue cheese. Yum! It is such a treat I also love thin based quality pizza’s and a good glug of red wine.

At the start of a new year, do you put a healthstyle regime together?

For 2013 my new healthy regime will start in my mind. Meditation and counting my blessings will start the NEW YEAR. With positivity approaching, change will be easier. I have a fitness plan in mind to workout three times a week for 20 mins, which is achievable for me. Also I am going to do a detox for two weeks including green smoothies. This will give my body the time it needs to eliminate toxins and restore the body’s innate ability to heal.

Are you good at sticking to a regime or is it more like a New Year’s Resolution that starts well and ends within a month?

I can stick well to a two week regime – fitness and detox. The main New Years resolution that I want to stick to is making a change in the way I approach new challenges in my life. I would like to improve my quality of life and do well in my career and tackle new challenges with a brave heart. I would also like to do something within the community – I would love to teach children to cook.

Do you have any health quotes or affirmations you use to maintain your healthstyle?

I absolutely adore Louise L. Hay. One of my favourite daily mantra’s is “I have time and space for everything I want to do in my life” as I want to do so much! It calms me and I achieve more. I also love philosophy and read Einstein and Rumi for inspiration. I am naturally a reflective person and meditate often.

What’s your chosen outdoor activity?

My outdoor activity ranges from cycling to running. I also enjoy a good country walk in the blustery wind close to the ocean – it’s good for the soul.

Can you share some nutritional habits, that you would suggest our readers try during 2013

  1. Be aware of where your food comes from and how much it is processed. Read labels and stick to ingredients that you can recognize. Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables daily if you can choose organic and local where possible.
  2. Start the day with a protein rich breakfast. Find the time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast. e.g. Poached eggs, cottage cheese on rye, oats with nuts and seeds. Protein keeps us fuller for longer and keeps us from snacking and craving.
  3. Drink eight glasses of filtered water and herbal teas to keep your kidneys in great shape – they filter the blood and keep our minerals balanced.
  4. Increase your leafy greens to 60% of your plate. Greens are alkalizing to the body which means they buffer the blood from an acidic environment to alkaline and keep illness at bay. A great way to get in greens is to make fresh fruit and green leafy smoothies. An excellent read is: Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. The book is insightful and provides a better way to understand your body.
  5. Increase oily fish up to 4 portions a week. Oily fish are high in omega 3 and keep your brain sharp, as well as being high in protein, which our body needs to repair and rebuild cells that need replacing. Oily fish includes canned sardines, mackerel, anchovies, wild Alaskan salmon. Flax seeds are also high in omega 3 and when ground can be sprinkled on salads and soups.
  6. Increase Fibre: the magic sponge that absorbs toxins in the bowel and escorts it safely out of the body. It keeps you regular and promote healthy intestinal bacteria. Great source is Brown Rice, Spelt, Quinoa and Buckwheat.
  7. Focus on your health – Mind, Body and Spirit. Nurture yourself. If we respect ourselves we respect others.
  8. Check your diet. Plan your meals have fun making green smoothies.
  9. Get active.
  10. Set achievable goals.
  11. Be patient and kind to yourself.
  12. Drink less alcohol and more fresh juices (home made) and smoothies. Learn to make delicious non alcoholic cocktails with fresh lime, mint and sparkling water. So nourishing and hydrating and a special treat. Moderation is the approach to everything. As yourself the questions – Is there anything you are over doing? What needs re-balancing?
  13. Empty out your cupboards filter out the junk food!
  14. Learn something new – take up a cooking class of interest. I will take up a Japanese cooking class this year, I have been wanting to do this for such a long time!
  15. Juice and soup fast one day a week. Be prepared buy all your ingredients and make a vegetable soup and a couple of smoothies for the day. This will give your digestion a break and give your liver time to sort through toxins to be escorted out of the body. Your gut lining will also have time to renew. You will feel mentally cleared and less bloated.
  16. Cook with more herbs and spices – Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Mint, Fennel, Dill, Turmeric (wonder spice used in anti cancer drugs for its powerful antioxidant qualities), Cumin, Chillies, Paprika. Herbs and spices contain powerful Phytonutrients and antioxidants that protect our body and keep our skin glowing. Get creative in the kitchen.

Practice, makes perfect. Practice all these habits and have a prosperous 2013! Stay positively blessed.

Find out more about detox nosh at NOSH DETOX

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