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Hello I’m Lisa Bent and welcome to the PH ZONE. I absolutely loved Zena’s September posting which posed the question ‘How do you find real love?’ This question is very apt now and to be honest it always has been.

So how do you find real love?

Back in the day I thought it was in a good looking man, only to learn later on it is a feeling that you can’t describe or find…it finds you. I can count on one hand how many times I have felt what I believe to be Real Love. I know it exists, I know it will come again and so I stopped searching for it a long time ago. ‘Seek and ye shall find’ is the famous saying. However on the road to Love where would you begin to look? Especially when Love which is an emotion, a feeling has no physical description in my opinion.

The question I would like to ask for those currently searching for love is what are you looking for? When we search for something in this context it is because we have a need that we want to be filled. Take some time out and think about what that need is and then ask yourself whether you can fill this void yourself. I raise this as I have heard many people say ‘Having a boyfriend would make me feel confident/happy/loved’ My answer to that is no one can give you what you cannot give to yourself. If you are seeking love to get the outcomes I have mentioned then you are giving your power away and allowing others to determine how you feel. Start seeing things inside-out to help create healthier patterns.

Yes two halves make a whole, though I believe in this context two wholes are better than two halves. If real love hasn’t found you yet, how about using the time to find love within yourself? Do you want to feel confident? What can you do to achieve this? Do you want to feel happy? What makes you smile? Do you want to feel loved? Begin loving yourself unconditionally. Should anyone love you more than you love yourself? The answer for me is no but what are your thoughts?

Who we are is at the centre of everything. Look within to help explain your world and change your world. You have been listening to The PH ZONE- Find your balance.

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