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Hello I’m Lisa Bent and welcome to the PH ZONE.

I absolutely loved Zena’s November posting where she expressed the benefits of blogging. I blog therefore I am, was the great picture caption, but what if you don’t blog? What do you do to see and hear your inner thoughts?

I personally haven’t written a diary since I was in secondary school, but there are benefits to this process also. No matter what you choose to call it, or how regular you choose to do it, processing your thoughts is extremely beneficial as it allows whatever is in, to flow out. Also seeing your thoughts in print, makes it clearer for you to see where you are at, or how far you have come. Under different headings I sometimes write a sentence. I keep it short so that I can be specific with how I feel I call this exercise ‘Dear Self’, as I am asking my higher self to truthfully express how I feel. The head tends to get in the way and can sometimes create denial and avoidance.

Self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love are the core conditions of self-central, as a result today I will express my dear self letter aloud as an example, so that you can begin to do this exercise if you wish.


‘Dear self, today I simply strive to be more aware of myself than I was in the last moment’.


Self- Acceptance:

‘Dear Self, I have no regrets as in each situation I made the best decision with the insight I had at the time’.



Dear self, I am kind to myself because I love myself.


Feel out how you really feel. What is your higher self, soul trying to say?

Who we are is at the centre of everything. Look within to help explain your world and change your world. You have been listening to The PH ZONE– Find your balance.


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