Is there a silver lining in unemployment?

The battle to reduce unemployment continues and will exist for sometime as the world eases out of the current recession. I do believe that there is always an optimistic approach to any crisis which I refer to as a Silver Lining.

Acquiring new skills to build unemployment blues

I experienced unemployment briefly before my banking career really took off and decided to focus on education rather than the woes of not being employed. I pursued my Banking degree and this action paid off by awarding my qualification but also provided motivation and distraction from boredom.

I encourage the unemployed to seek to further their education and skills development during their period of employment which will pass. I also encourage Business owners who are unable to provide employment to provide scholarships which can be channeled towards the unemployed.

By participating in skills development, the unemployed will be able to channel their energies in a positive direction which will contribute to a better way of life in our respective countries.

Have you ever experienced unemployment? What did you do to increase your motivation and keep yourself occupied?

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