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Does having less cash affect your ability to be happy?

‘Spending less and Getting more” by Ralph in LC Money Plan, caught my attention this month as it made me think of people who may be struggling in this climate due to their need to have things…things to make them feel good. Whether it be shoes, clothes or gadgets, retail therapy has been an accepted quick fix solution to instantly feel better. Spend now and pay later has always been the motto until now, so how does the lack of things due to lack of cash effect you?

Money & Happiness

Money and happiness have always been tied together and right now the collective fear and worry around not having enough feels very present. After reading Pablo’s May posting “Solar Eclipse: Expression of the heart” the value society places on the things outside ourselves is tremendous. Everything we need for our well being doesn’t have to come through constant purchases. None of Pablo’s 9 principles of positive transmissions, which are…

1. Emancipation/Freedom

2. Action

3. Knowledge

4. Power/Personal power or acts of empowerment

5. Love

6. Transcendence

7. Wisdom

8. Joy

9. Trust

involve money. Plus exercising, seeing friends and relaxing for example can do wonders, with no cost. The climate has changed and old ways of behaving cannot fit. This is a great opportunity to perhaps realign what money and having things mean to you. Processing how something makes you feel, brings you closer to understanding why you think and behave in the ways that you do. Further honest explorations will soon reveal any unhealthy patterns regarding expenditure and perceived needs.

Feeling good, inside out

Emotional Intelligence as explained by PH in May’s blog posting is a transferable tool that can be used in all areas of your life as it brings the focus back to you. Blaming others is always easier than looking inwards, however the benefits of self inquiry is greater understanding and better future choices. Ignorance is not bliss. Whatever the situation, look at it and be honest to yourself as it will give you a greater chance of moving through it. We all want to feel good, lets all do it from the inside out, as opposed to outside in. Take control and feel empowered.

Who we are is at the centre of everything. Look within to help explain your world and change your world. You have been listening to the PH ZONE. Find your balance.


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