How do you stop worrying about money?

Stop worrying about your Money and do something about it.

Worrying about your money instead of doing something about it will only result in additional stress, poor health and financial failure. Which category classifies your situation?

  • Financially stable with disposable income – Persons with money are concerned with keeping it and increasing their wealth
  • Living hand to mouth – Persons who are living comfortably on their earnings are concerned with job security and retirement
  • In debt and struggling to make ends meet – Persons with money shortages are concerned with their excessive debt and financial freedom

No matter which category you fall in there is a solution available for each of these situations. However, the key to a solution ensure you identify a genuine source who has the knowledge to give you the right information.

Keep it simple

If you move from denial to action, solutions to money problems are simple and easy to understand. They are closely related to our discipline levels.

Here are some useful tips:-

  • Plan for unexpected expenses
  • Live within your means Monthly expenses must not exceed monthly income
  • Avoid risky investments Interest rates are very low. Be aware of products promising interest rate returns exceeding 3%
  • Monitor the performance of Financial Institutions providing your money services
  • Review all current expenses to ensure that you are getting value for money
  • Reconcile all accounts with financial institutions and creditors on a regular basis
  • Encourage your household to adopt money saving techniques

A remedy for a problem will not work until we are willing to take action with that remedy. Start today and take control of your money and your life.

Ralph Lewis – LC Money Plan

If you have any questions or need help on how to turn the tips into action leave a comment or email

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