You are good enough


‘Am I good enough?’

At Whitney Houston’s funeral Kevin Costner revealed that the talented singer suffered with this and constantly sought for validation, approval and acceptance. This realization shocked many as from outsiders eyes she did have it all the looks, the voice, the body and so much more. However in such a pressured industry where so much of what you do centres on appeal, sales and success, this anxiety is not a surprise and I guarantee Whitney is not alone in this field. In fact she is not alone in general.

Whether due to external or internal pressures the feelings and beliefs that we are not good enough is a human condition of self-doubt that can cripple us all. The constant questioning of our abilities and being scared of failing, often means that we are likely to sabotage ourselves. How many times have you given into doubt and as a result didn’t send in the application for the job you have been eyeing up? Changed your mind about submitting your article to a newspaper/magazine or just gave up before you got started? We have all been there and no matter what your job title, position or status in society, everyone knows and has experienced this.

So what can you do to quieten your loud inner worst critic?

Awareness and reflection are key in order to remember your abilities and potential. Nobody is perfect and so striving to be this is an un-realistic goal which you will never reach. This in fact is a self sabotage that helps to inform your negative voice that ‘You are not good enough.

Being and doing the best you can within each moment is all you can do. Growth is a life long process, we never stop learning. Criticising ourselves just slows it down and keeps us unhappy, so be kind to yourself.


Affirmations and lists of positive attributes

Writing a list of your positive attributes and achievements is a great method as is affirmations which are positive statements that describe a desired situation. Repeated and expressed with intention, conviction, interest and desire in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. Choose the ones you like, modify them or add your own. Words are powerful as they have the ability to change your minset, outlook and well being.
It’s never to late to begin, so repeat after me .I AM GOOD ENOUGH!

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