Do you spend major time with minor people?

The friendships and the relationships we have with loved ones, friends and colleagues can either be a source of strength that propels us forward; or one that fills our life with negativity and holds us back.

Our relationships can and do have a powerful effect on our everyday thinking and emotions. Do you know someone who is always negative and pessimistic? How do you feel after you have listened to one of their weekly or even daily rants?

Would you tell them of a great idea you had which you were not sure of? I bet not, because they would tell you all the reasons why it will not work.

If you want to accomplish something that demands belief, determination and endurance, try to surround yourself with people possessing these qualities. Try to limit the time you spend with people given to pessimism and expressions of futility.

Do you have enough positive people around you?

Unfortunately, negative emotions can exert a more powerful effect in social situations than positive ones. If you feel you need to mix with more positive people, then extend your social network and attend places where positive people meet.

Consider this ‘You cannot soar with the eagles if you spend most of your time with turkeys.’.

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