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Jeremy Lin


Seizing Opportunity

Last week I wrote about the opportunity that came my way with a fox in the garden almost begging to have its photo taken by me. Incidentally the fox seems to have become a regular feature on cold sunny days, so who knows, I may manage to capture some other gems.

Opportunity is something that can come at any time. The key thing for us is, are we ready to take it when it comes knocking.Many things could come in the way of us taking opportunities. Other things in our lives maybe a priority, or we may not feel mentally prepared, even though other circumstances in our lives may fit.

The mental battle with self is often the hardest part, as with opportunity, comes change and perhaps moving outside of our comfort zone. Some people might decide they need more preparation time rather than act on the spur of the moment, and by that time the opportunity may be lost. It’s easy for us to use the excuse of needing preparation, when in fact we’re using it as a get out to prevent us shifting suddenly away from our safety net.

Basketball’s new star

Some of you may know I’m a bit of a basketball geek. At the moment there is rather an unusual phenomenon occurring in the NBA. At the New York Knicks to be more precise. The team have not met expectations. Their two superstar players have not really gelled across the whole team and they have been lacking at the position of point guard. For those that don’t know, the point guard is responsible for being the person who brings the ball up the court, and distributes the ball to create opportunities for his teammates.

It’s a critical position as the ‘floor general’ for the team.

Well, the Knicks had been struggling, when just over a week ago, the coach decided to play an unknown player who had been sitting on the end of the bench, just waiting for his opportunity to shine. His name is Jeremy Lin. The first Asian American player to make it to the NBA. That said his journey there was not straight forward. He did not get a scholarship to college, was not drafted into the NBA, but made the struggle nonetheless to at least be a back up player.

Jeremy Lin – the NBA’s first Asian American player

Jeremy Lin is a point guard, and the team’s woes at this position meant he was given an opportunity to have a go. 4 games later and without the teams superstars, Jeremy Lin has led the team to an unbeaten run (at the time of writing) and has single handedly changed the teams fortunes. I say single handedly, but as a team game, he has created opportunities for the team to shine.

The hype in the NBA, and in New York specifically, is now called ‘Linsanity’ and the pressure on Lin to keep carrying his team has gone beyond New York’s expectations. His heritage has brought out many Asian fans to the games, and the millions of basketball fans in China have awoken to him on TV. The pressure on Lin to keep performing is immense, and whether he can continue to play at this level remains to be seen, especially as opposition teams start to wake up to his style of play and learn how to counter it.

Opportunity knocked for Jeremy Lin…and he took it

Whatever happens long term with Jeremy Lin, he has certainly taken an opportunity presented to him in a very high pressure and public environment. He deserves whatever endorsements and accolades come his way. In many ways, at the start, he had nothing to lose, because he was a back up player and now is the real time for him to prove himself.

But there can be no denying an opportunity came to Jeremy Lin, and he took it. It’s a great story, and in the realms of basketball and New York, it’s the stuff of fairy tales. But it all came down to one man deciding he believed in himself enough to give it everything.

And so far, it’s working.

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