This week I had the pleasure of having my niece to stay. Nothing unusual in that you may think, but my older sister and I, while always getting on ok, had pretty separate lives. We were both at different boarding schools and then she went off to University and worked overseas for a while before settling in a different part of the country. So while never an issue in our sibling relationship, separate lives had been led.

So I was pretty pleased when my 17 year old niece hit London for interviews at drama schools in London and needed somewhere to stay. It gave me the first real opportunity to sit and chat with her as an adult and get her feel for the arts and life.

As always, when those in their teens and twenties have ambition and passion, I get very struck by their drive. Perhaps because I never had that at their age, only recently discovering an intense love of my own artistic abilities. It’s always a reminder to me that wisdom doesn’t just reside in our elders, and we really can learn a lot from positivity, no matter what age group it belongs to.

My niece successfully passed one of the auditions, and if she chooses to take this up after she finishes sixth form, I’ll be delighted to have some more family in my part of the world and strengthen that bond with my own sister and my extended family in London.

It’s funny how life works through things, and turns full circle at times. And more often than not, gives us fresh opportunities to grow ourselves and our relationships. It’s important to take the chances we’re given.

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