Happy New Year!!! – It’s Still January

Good morning, Good day, Good evening, Good Night, Big Up and Bless – Hello and Merry belated festive season and Happy New Year. In the words of the reggae artist Luciano ‘It’s me again Jah Jah’ Tameka Empson!

Yes I’m still alive and just about kicking after a month in rehab – in Jamaica!

Yes I was prescribe aqua therapy (swimming most days in the clear blue sea) Heat Penetration (exposing my body to the natural sun rays) Natural / Organic food and drink (ackee and saltfish, Gungo Pea soup, Sugar Cane, Jerk chicken – real Jerk Chicken!, Callaloo juice, Sorrel, 40 Percent brandy and Appleton Rum) Out door activities (walking, sight seeing, Sky Exploring Zip lining, Bobsledding -Yes, just like in Cool Runnings) and networking (with family and friends and new friends).

My month in the sun was so what the doctor ordered.

Ready for the Zip Line! Ocho Rios, JA

Ready for the Zip Line! Ocho Rios, JA


When you work hard you really must play hard. I wouldn’t of been able to get the space to totally relax and relate my feelings and emotions in the UK, even if I had gone to a spa for a weekend – well not to the extent where at times my body felt like velvet!

There is so much to see and experience in Jamaica, I went all over island (the only two parishes I didn’t go to were St Ann’s and Portland).

Here’s some of my holiday pics – use them as inspiration to book your own holiday – you deserve it.

Have a fit week!

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