Task Master – How are your resolutions going?

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Now that we’re nearly at February, it’s probably a good time to take stock of how we got on in those first few weeks of New Years resolutions.

I was thinking about my own plans for 2012 and realised that I hadn’t actually taken many steps towards any of them, and that before I know it, it will be September and I’ll be saying how quickly the year is going.

Yesterday I thought about how I could turn my plans into action and decided to take small parts of each plan and assign myself a task(s) to achieve during the next week. That way, I would at least be taking steps in the right direction.

How have you been getting on with your 2012 life changing activities? Do you have a way of ensuring you stay on track? Would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. Great post Rob. Brian Tracy gives some great tips on goal setting. (see video at the side of post). Also I did a Phenomenal Healthstyle word search on ‘plan’, ‘planning’ and ‘goals’ in the box up top and it’s amazing what tips came up. I particularly like Bella-Marie’s blog http://phenomenalhealthstyle.tv/2012/01/07/plan-your-goals-and-make-them-succesful/

    Also if you plan involves taking a sabbatical then Michelle’s little ebook one of January’s travel thursday post is a great example of how to plan for a goal and execute it.

    On our Wealth Wednesday blog this week, Tyler Perry had some good tips on acheiving a goal too. Worth checking out the video.

    One of my favourite tools is my one page planner which incorporates all the best planning and goal setting methods I gathered during my time as a change management consultant, project manager and emotional intelligence facilitator. I do it every 6 months and I’ve done it with clients and really seems to work to keep them on track.

    The idea is to start with a clear vision of your future;

    – think about the most important goal to support that vision;

    – understand what is getting in the way of you achieving that vision (emotion, behaviours, skills, knowledge);

    – then figure out the actions you want to (or don’t want to) take to ensure those obstacles are removed;

    – then plan the small daily, weekly or monthly steps you need to take to move towards that goal and ultimately the vision.

    – get an accountability partner (someone to keep you on track)

    Then like any good recipe, repeat until desired result is acheived. I’d love to hear other people’s methods of acheiving their goals.

    Get planning! ; )

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