I went for a meal with friends earlier this week to celebrate a 30th birthday. Through all the fun, the question arose as to how old I am. No, I’m not going to disclose it here (don’t want the editor to realise I’m totally outside of the demographic!!), but it was interesting the reaction from those who thought I was a lot younger when I confessed.

What particularly struck me was a feeling of relief, rather than a boost to my ego. When I say relief, I don’t mean I have a problem with the aging process either.

I’ve had a few things happen this year, and stress has reared its head on occasions. When looking in the mirror, I really thought that the mental pressure I tend to put myself under, had added a few lines here and there.

That feeling of relief was perhaps due to me feeling something positive about my own image that I couldn’t see for myself. There’s certainly a lesson there I need to take on board about who and what I see in the mirror sometimes. Maybe many of us need that fresh pair of eyes too.

A couple of days earlier, I’d met another friend who I’d not seen for maybe six months or so. He asked me what I had planned from a personal point of view in 2012. I answered that I wanted to work on being calmer. His response was that I’d always struck him as being a very laid back person. And he’s right too. That is the real me

It was nice to get some positive vibes from people. I’m not really needy for that kind of thing, but when worries hit us, it’s easy to lose site of the true you and get too wrapped up in what really doesn’t define you.

A good reminder to take it easy, and as Common said . Be

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  1. Hey Rob,

    I really enjoyed this piece. So so true.

    Be. 🙂

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