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Let’s hope there’s a revolution in 2012. I’m certainly hoping for one, in fact I’ve been working on it for a while.

Before you think I’ve been involved in subversive activity, let me qualify my opening statement. This is about revolution of (or perhaps FOR) SELF.

I don’t really want to hit on a clichéd piece about New Year’s resolutions, but inevitably many thoughts turn to change as we enter a new year. The key, as many others will also no doubt write or talk about, is how we maintain our ‘goals’ throughout a year, and not just the first few weeks.

Fundamentally change is about taking ourselves into new places and experiences, whether that’s a physical or mental transfer. Most likely it will be something outside of our comfort zone.

And this is where ‘revolution’ comes into play. To truly make the changes we would like to, we have to accept that elements of our lives or thinking have to change too, and to make that a long term achievement, we have to make that new ‘thing’ the norm. If not, what we want will be a token January effort, soon forgotten.

How we turn change into ‘business as usual’ is the hard part, and really is about battling the ‘who we are’ that we are used to seeing in the mirror, or hearing in our mind. To effectively change and achieve, we need to have a revolution about who we are, rather than just make some intended amendments to the old way.

I’m not writing this to preach as I have no professional expertise in self-help or therapy. All I can say is I have my own revolution to fight and I know the mental battles are the hardest. I know my life has to be a revolution to achieve the changes I need to make, and I can’t just sit on a few weeks from January. Fight a good fight.

Wishing everyone a personal revolution in 2012, however big or small.

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  1. Really like this blog, need to have a good think about what my personal revolution will be, things that I want to last a lifetime and not just a few months!

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