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The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature. Ancient Afrikan Proverb.

I really wanted to remain light for this Sunday yet found it difficult because diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and the deteriorating health of our beloveds including hip-hop artists are on the increase.

We can get confused around the character of nature as on the one hand we are told that nature is beautiful protective and kind, on the other, nature will seek to protect itself and will destroy anything in its path, like the force of a hurricane.

One thing’s for sure – transgress against nature’s laws and the punishment is instant there is no drawn out trial or court appeal. The instant you are not aligned with nature the process has begun. Where ever we are sitting right now organs are deteriorating.

I am not here to tell you what to do, or what you should not eat. I only wish to present facts and let you decide the best path for you to take.

Hip-Hop and Health

We are also told truth hurts and it can seem that way when we see our beloved artist such as Heavy D passing abruptly. Again it appears that way from the outside however on the inside of Heavy D‘s body the story is a slow death. We seem to pay more attention when high profile obesity related deaths shock us into questioning our own dietary habits. Erick Sermon major Hip-Hop artist close to death after an heart attack said ‘young people are dropping off like flies cause they don’t realise that the food that you eat and if your drinking and smoking can effect the heart quick.’

Our own Hip-Hop artist Big Pun’s death inspired his friend Fat Joe another prominent artist in hip hop to take a closer look at his dietary habits. The best experts in life are those who have direct experience. Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killa found away to transform through diabetes and has managed his diabetic condition through his diet and Masta Killa is a vegetarian activist. I have to take my hat off to Fat Joe and Erick Sermon for sharing their knowledge as their experience is and will become a reality for millions.

Back to basics

In Africa we see young mothers feeding infants sodas instead of breast milk and we wonder why childhood obesity is on the increase. In the heart of the cities of the West real estate fast-food companies under the guise of food business own and do business on every block. They advertise specifically to minds who lack the maturity and emotional intelligence to reduce the seduction.

A high sugar and fat diet will also cause nerve damage, stress the arteries, hardening them which will lead to stroke and heart attacks, kidney disease, obesity, reproductive and vision problems.

Let’s understand some of the causes. Many of our transgressions are through our diet such as white sugar, white flour and white salt – refined products and not understanding the process of Appropriation, Assimilation and Elimination.

According to nature our bodies operate on a clock or 3 daily cycles.

  • Appropriation 12pm -8pm (Eating & Digestion)
  • Assimilation 8pm 4am (Absorption)
  • Elimination 4am 12pm (Disposal of bodily waste)

We can slowly introduce more salad to the diet and include salads to evening meals. Increasing more watery foods after 6pm such as fruits or vegetables etc. Hard foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes can take time to digest and can sit on the stomach without digesting which is why many people gain weight. In the morning you can start with the colour green in mind meaning water or herbal tea or blended vegetables, instead of tea, coffee, black tea or milk. Fruit instead of bread and cornflakes. Green hydrates and brown dehydrates.

Are you chewing your food for long enough?

Chew the food into a liquid state as your mouth is the ultimate food processor/ blender and digestion begins there. The food is thoroughly blended with digestive enzymes making the digestive process easier. Refuse to have the tendency to eat to the point where you lie back rub the belly and say I’m stuffed’. Developing ‘I’ tis (lulling the brain to sleep) results from the body shutting down in order to digest food. Only eat when you are hungry and stop eating just before you are full. This takes awareness of the body and will come with a little more attention on how you feel.

There is also the deeper factor… our delusional minds. Many of the obesity issues and eating disorders are developed from infancy. This could be due to lack of lap time where food has replaced a comforting cuddle. Food is mistaken for love, when it used by parents to bribe or compensate for their guilt. Layering the bodies structure with fat is the psychology behind obesity used generally for protecting oneself.

Can Yoga help you to eat more healthily?

The underlining causes of eating disorders are of interest as the practice of yoga has assisted my body and mind to gently accept better healthier food without having to convince the mind. Eating nutritiously is now a natural occurrence based on my nutritious and physiological needs.

Can we reverse, can we alter our poor health and self hate? Yes we can.

Yoga practice can assist in ridding us of fat pride and skinny sloth to accept more of a balanced diet that keeps us on the middle path. Exercise releases tension, worry, and doubt. When angry or upset we reach for comfort which we feel will save us. The chocolate saviour will vanquish all our fears. Instead, watch the feeling do not run from it or try to block it out. Every time you face terror or fear it loses it’s power over you and what seemed terrible is only a delusion casting shadows.

How many times have we been in an illusion about something or someone we thought we could not live without? A year or two later we wondered what that was all about?

Love yourself first

Loving life, loving self and full acceptance of self is the bottom line to optimum health. A suggestion would be to undress and stand naked, in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Smile at yourself and send that positive feeling to your heart. You could even put your hand over your heart. During this process survey every aspect of your image. Your arms, legs, face, stomach. You may even want to touch those parts (in a non-sexual way). See yourself with loving-kindness. Suspend judgement and all unkind defeating thoughts towards yourself.

Besides developing new dietary habits. Begin to cherish your body and mentally give it the shape and form you want it to be. Feel yourself more, take some Shea butter or Coco butter and rub it into your skin massage yourself from head to toe. Take time to appreci-love your body. The more love we give our bodies the more our thoughts become loving the more our bodies respond in away we desire. This is also a practice that will take time to develop. Start today because if you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else to?

As within as without. Ancient Afrikan Proverb

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