Cupcakes – we’re just good friends

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Of all the things I like to photograph, I’ve never been into taking pictures of food. I’ve noticed some people love to do it, and I’ve sat with several people who have taken out a gadget phone in a restaurant and posted their main course straight onto Facebook.

I’ve never really understood that. My relationship with food is strictly functional. I don’t like to cook, I eat because I have to and I enjoy what tastes nice, but I don’t have a passion for food or eating so why would I want to photograph it?

Well very recently, my partner decided to make cupcakes. Now firstly I have to say these are particularly delicious, and I’m not in anyway using this site to promote them, or seek favour from her!! Ok, so I do have a small relationship with food, ok then, chocolate but I’m not a chocoholic. I just like the taste is all!

(c) Sloetry


When I was young, my mum used to make chocolate cake and I always used to enjoy going around the mixing bowl afterwards with a teaspoon. When my partner first asked me to check the mix, I was only too pleased to volunteer a teaspoon and my mouth to ‘clean’ the bowl afterwards. So let’s not call this the start of a food obsession, more a nostalgic, albeit tasty moment.

When the cupcakes were ready, I was asked to take some photos of them just for the record. But it was at this point I suddenly became all arty. I found myself re-arranging them, introducing a candle to add to the scene, trying different angles . Well I surprised myself. Next I’ll be talking to them in the shoot ‘yes that’s it, give me that same look again!’ ‘ Be chocolate!’ ‘ Now look like I’m going to eat you!’


(c) Sloetry

Now I don’t think I’ll be joining the crowd that takes pics in restaurants, but I’m pleased that my artistic endeavours have been stretched to yet another new phase for me. And to think all I did was go on about the constructive arts all year. Well, these cupcakes are very constructive.

2011 . Who knew.

Have a great Christmas everyone.


(c) Sloetry

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