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Hi there! Hope you are reading this is good health. Talking of which, I will be in great health on Saturday as I fly to Jamaica! – No, I’m not lucky, it’s way overdue and I’m worth it! (I have a big smile on my face – no apologies).

For the first time in my life I will be enjoying the festive season in THE SUN! I can’t tell you how much I need to get away from this horrible weather that would have blown out my windows had I not had double glazing, as I can hear the wind and rain having major arguments outside.

But as I go back to trying to pack my suitcase without getting stressed (a task I can’t seem to do without it – where’s my P.A / ‘Mum’….) why not have a laugh on me. The following link was taken by a friend of mine. You know when a friend has a crazy idea and at the time you are both laughing about it and talking about it. Then the next thing you know the thing you were talking about starts to become real?…well that’s what sort of happen here. Feel free to leave a comment and as always…

Have a fit week! x

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