The Smai Scrolls: Men Get Pregnant Too




(c) Pregnant - Photography By Pablo Imani

The beautiful professional African woman in the spa capitulated

‘The men will not massage their partners, men don’t have time for that here’

She was confident and spoke in such away that would acquiesce me. My response was

he simply needs to be educated and he will be fine’


Men supposedly don’t look after their pregnant partners this is the general complaint. Yet these men do not realise that they are pregnant too. Men through their emotional umbilical cord are carrying the child for nine months and are just as much a vital part of the pregnancy.

I once counselled a young man in Accra Ghana after he lost is first child to miscarriage. We sourced the problem and found he did not accept the situation. He and his partner were constantly arguing. The unborn is aware that you are having difficulty and will abort or abandon their mission. They are just as much a part of the father. The child chooses you to be their father/mother in order for them to learn something of this human existence from you…Once he understood that he is meant to look after the vessel through which this cosmic being will arrive on planet earth. His second child, a beautiful girl was born with ease. He emailed me and said I am now her Godfather.

Nurture the mother of the child through massage, soft-spoken words, write poetry for her, compliment her, tell her how beautiful she is, minimise conflicting situations creating a harmonious environment. Men who father children make emotional, mental and spiritual impressions on the unborn child as the child forms a bond with the mother physically and with men emotionally.
Men have some difficulty in honouring this supreme vessel the womb’ from an ignorant (patriarchal) stance. Women birthed us all.


‘Women have almost always run the fundamental operations of culture from behind the scenes, and that more often than not, the perception of male dominance was actually an illusion strategically given to men by the women! Even today, girls are quietly taught (as they are then) that male behaviour towards them, is sub-consciously motivated by the fact that she possesses the one anatomical instrument by which he may genetically continue- that being her womb!’

The Wounded Womb by Phil A. Valentine

There is no myth of Matriarchy; women are truly the original Gods. The first and oldest being ever to be excavated is named Lucy her bones date back to 3 million years found in Ethiopia.

All foetuses are actually female within the first trimester and gender – the decision to be male or female is formed in the second trimester.

The mitochondria of the cell is the battery of the cell. Scientifically termed an organelle found in the cytoplasm of nearly all eukaryotic cells (cells with a nucleus contained within a membrane). The mitochondria is dependable for the conversion of food and nutrient into practical energy.

The DNA rests within a liquid matrix (womb) called mitochondria deoxyribonucleic acid (mtDNA) containing the code for life.
A woman can only pass on the mitochondria because when a sperm fertilizes an egg, the sperms mitochondria is broken of on entry and left outside of the egg. The fertilized zygote inherits only the mother mitochondria.

This creates a maternal lineage and family tree that is not affected by time or the scrambling of genes that transpires between a mother and father.

The ancient Afrikans knew this, that is why rulership was passed on by women.


‘In Ethiopia, it was the Queen Mother, or the Kentake’ who carried the right to royal rule, consequently the pharaoh’s wife was adopted by the Pharaohs mother when she married the Pharaoh, thereby creating the fiction that she was a way of creating a symbolic or fictitious royal wife, who then drew the right to be queen from the royal mother who granted that right. This is consistent with a system that is matrilineal because the right to rule is passed through the royal line of women’.

Return to the Afrikan Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality by Oba T’Shaka.

This system founded by Auset who argued the case for Heru/Horus to rule instead of Set. Auset name means throne and she is often depicted with a throne on her head. In Ghana a woman grants the Golden Stool’ to the Chief or King.

Amongst the Twa the system is Twinlineal where there is co-operation between the male and female this is adopted by most ancient Afrikan societies as Matrilineal and Patrilineal.

Your own mother was your first love. So decorum is important when your girlfriend, wife, mistress or one nightstand is pregnant. She’s now a mother. A soul being chose you at least 3 months before conception and your body was put into preparation for it to ride the lightning chord of your spine into your testes in a blink of passionate embrace.

The best start in life for a child is:

  • A healthy sperm, obtained by adequate exercise and healthy eating
  • Minimised conflict creating harmony
  • Taking care of your partner assisting her in being comfortable as much as possible
  • Speaking to your partner softly and even writing poetry for her
  • Complimenting her so her sense of esteem is positive
  • Cooking her healthy meals
  • Giving her massages
  • Developing patience as towards the end of pregnancy she will become more irritable.
  • Being present when possible

Here are some Pregnancy Massage examples:

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Bless Pablo

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  1. Love this – so important to understand it’s not a one-sided event from pre-conception onwards.

    Will send this to my son who is expecting his first child next year 🙂


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