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I always believe that it’s important to remember who you are and acknowledge what one has managed to achieve in ones life, never forgetting to appreciate everything and everyone along the way…so thank you for all the support and words of encouragement throughout the months I’ve been contributing to PH’s ‘Soulful Sunday’.

The end is nigh for this particular chapter in my life and I can hear the lyrics to the classic musical ‘The Sound Of Music; “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen , goodbye…..”. However, it’s not goodbye, farewell or ta-ta; it’s more like I’ll see you around some time soon!

I’m handing over the baton that gave me the freedom to explore my deepest creativity and expressions to Afrikan Yoga Master, Pablo Imani who will take us on a jouney that I can honestly say will enrich our lives in one form or another.

Thinking back to when I first started to contribute as a blogger, I never imagined what greatness it would bring to my life. Being able to express oneself creatively is like a baby taking its first breath after it is born.

It’s quite ironic that I would use such an analogy because I am bowing out temporarily to prepare myself for motherhood which I know is a task that will require my full attention and plenty of patience.

Last Saturday I was treated to a Phenomenal ‘Baby Shower’ by my sister girlfriend Lesley and sister-in-law Briget who both hosted the ‘Baby Rave’ in this case. It was like ‘Sex In The City’ with Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) meet ‘Waiting To Exhale’ without the dramas!

‘Baby Showers’ are more common in America than they are here, but I can say it is catching on in the UK very fast indeed. For those not familiar with the term ‘Baby Shower’; it’s when a group of girlfriends get together to shower the expectant mother with gifts from either the list provided by the host(s) [bit like a wedding list] or simply by the attendees giving generously for the baby that is shortly to arrive.

I felt totally overwhelmed by my friends, not just because of their generosity but because it was evident that I am loved from the amount of girlfriends who gave up their Saturday afternoon (evening too for some!) to spend with me and join in the fun and frolics. I am forever in your debt ladies!!!

All there is left to say for now is that I look forward to sharing my experiences of becoming a mother in the coming months, but in meantime continue to stay blessed and more importantly be healthy.

Yours in good health.


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  1. All the best for your ‘birthtupals’ Kehinde! Looking forward to welcoming your little one to this amazing world in a few weeks.

    Desiree x

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