The real cost of dating sites



So…I joined a dating website. No big deal, right? Everyone’s doing online dating, right?

But the question is…are you really getting your money’s worth?

Most of the sites, that actually make it worthwhile to use them, are fee based sites. Oh sure, they’ll let you troll’ the site for free, like a midnight stalker. They’ll even let you wink’ at people, making you feel like a pervert in a long tan-coloured mac. But in order to actually connect with someone, you have to pay. The owners of these dating websites aren’t nice cupids trying to help you find the love of your life. They’re in it for the money & they know hope sells.

An average cost of 29 quid per month, per site (and most people are on at least 2 sites) may seem like a small price to pay to meet your soulmate. But you spend a lot of time on these sites wishing and hoping AND most importantly, wasting money and time. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who have met their partners on dating websites, so I believe they work. However, when you look at the percentage of people that join the sites, and of those, how many actually meet their soulmates from the site – the odds are about the same as winning the lottery. Yes, you may still play the lottery, but you don’t stop earning money while you wait to win.

The point of all this is that I want you to begin putting a value on things that are intangible: time, energy, hope. These things are important & do have a value, primarily because they are some key drivers towards emotional spending. Think about it…when we’re disappointed, lonely, sad, angry, or emotionally exhausted what do we do? We spend – whether it’s on food, drinks, clothes, shoes, trips, cars we do it to make ourselves feel better.

I challenge you to spend the same amount of time, energy, hope & money on ACTUALLY meeting people in person. I’m a big believer that ‘human in-person interaction’ (or meeting people) brings about so many more life lessons…and opportunities.


Actually walk into a coffee shop, bookstore, wherever. Grab a 3 quid cup of tea, coffee, juice, whatever. But that day, as you walk down the street, into the shop, getting onto the tube, whatever – make eye contact with people, smile…maybe even strike up a conversation with a stranger. It’s like the old-fashioned version of online dating – it’s called flirting. You’ll know the person standing in front of you, actually looks that way in real life. You’ll know if you have chemistry. You can even ask them what they like & don’t like.

The old-fashioned way of dating has worked for centuries. And at least doing it the old-fashioned way allows you to go outside & actually connect with real people. You’re spending the same amount of money & time as you would on the sites, but you may meet a friend who introduces you to the one’, an investor who wants to develop your project, a person who just needed to connect with someone to determine life was worth living another day…or simply do nothing more than just enjoy a nice day out…


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  1. As a coach, I am recommending a few new sites that are absolutely FREE. and both are launching soon.

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