Are you managing your most important asset?


I try to focus on how you can make better practical money management decisions to have a better quality of life. Essentially…managing your money & not letting your money manage you. But what I realised is that many of us, don’t place a value on our most valuable asset – and that’s time.

Time is the most valuable commodity on earth – it’s the great equalizer. No matter how rich or how poor, how smart or uneducated, disabled or able-bodied, beautiful or unattractive…we all have a certain amount of time left on this earth. So I ask you…how are you managing your most valuable asset?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s one right or wrong way to spend this asset, I just think most of us don’t view it as a valuable commodity. How many times have you said “I hate my job, I’m going to quit in [fill in the blank] years once I [fill in the blank]?” or “I’m going to [fill in the blank] with this person because they asked & I don’t know how to tell them no”, or better still “When I retire, I’m going to do [fill in the blank], [fill in the blank] & [fill in the blank]”.

The truth is, you don’t know if you’re going to have the time later in life to quit & pursue your dream; you don’t know if spending time with that person you don’t necessarily want to spend time with will prevent you from talking to a loved one the day before you or they die; or you might not live long enough to retire to do the one thing you’re hoping to do.

This is not meant to be dramatic or morbid – it’s meant to be honest & enlightening. Whatever your belief, whatever your background, you can’t deny that we will all one day die. So I challenge you…


1) Be frugal with your time – spend time doing the things that you would like to spend your last hours on earth doing…period.

2) Live life with no regrets – there’s no amount of money on earth that can compensate for lost time ‘planning’ to do something in a future you may not have – make small steps to get to the bigger rewards, at least you’re constantly getting closer to your dreams & aspirations.

I’m not advocating running up tons of debt or not paying bills to ‘live life to the fullest’…I’m just challenging you to evaluate how you’re spending your time & if it’s truly how you want to spend it. If not, make changes to allow you to have no regrets whether you live for another hour or another century.

I close my blog this week with a quote from one of the people who inspired me to follow my dreams, seek success from failure – it’s part of the journey, to create things sometimes only I can see in my head, but most importantly, to value time….

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs.

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