The Next Chapter…baby goes to nursery : (

I’m feeling very nervous and sad as this week my baby is starting at the nursery. I know I will miss her so much, luckily she is only attending part time whilst I get back into the work mode.

I can’t believe how the time has gone so quickly! I remember my elation when I started my maternity leave…fast forward and now my baby is grabbing after everything and proudly sits up in her high-chair 🙂

I am also excited to see what the next chapter of motherhood has in store for me. I think it is positive for my baby to go to nursery in terms of her development and to also interact with more new children. During her last settling in session, she didn’t even look back when I was leaving (huh??) however she was excited when I returned to collect her 🙂

It is equally important for me to get back into business and seize the right opportunities when they come my way. I refuse to buckle in this economic doom and gloom. So, with the cold mornings upon us my baby is wrapped up snug, she looks like an eskimo! It’s now time for me to invest in some super duper gloves, I’m gonna need them whilst pushing the buggy on the 5 minute walk to the nursery.

I’m also looking forward to meeting more new Mums at the nursery and whilst working, I just hope I remember their names…baby brain will do that to ya 🙂

Do you have any tips for coping whilst your baby is in childcare? Any suggestions of where I can find fashionable thermal gloves?

Have a great week!




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