A film called ‘Four’ made by a ‘Triple Threat’



I will always remember a discussion I had when I was doing stand-up where a person said that if a woman was attractive or beautiful she would not be a good comic. The comment was made by a man and he basically said that people would not take a woman seriously as there is a certain look to comedy. What do you think?…

Have you noticed how some people / society like to pigeon hole others? For example; if someone is loud they must be an actor or seeking attention, if someone is tall and beautiful they must be a model and not know much. I think some people often find it hard to comprehend that a person can do more than one thing very well.

In the entertainment field especially in the UK, if a person can sing and act they normally do musicals and not television or film work. Why? Because people in the industry often do not know how to market the performer. The phrase you often hear is, “The audience won’t know how to receive you Darling”.

In America if a person can sing, dance and act they are classed and embraced as a ‘Triple Threat’ and tend to utilise their talents across stage, screen, film and radio. Why? Because, they can do all three things very well and there is a time, place and audience for each of those talents to be showcased in different ways.

I think if a person is talented enough to do more than one thing they should do it. Like BEYONCE; singer, dancer and actor. STEVE HARVEY; comedian, actor & radio personality. OPRAH WINFREY; talk show host, producer & business woman (to name a few) and my friend NINA WADIA; actor, comedienne and now PRODUCER!

Last night I went to the premiere of Nina and her husband, Raiomond Mirz, first film project ‘FOUR’ at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. The location is such a great one, as all the big blockbusters and credible indie films are showcased there.

‘FOUR’ is a feature film about a man who hires a private detective to follow his wife and plans to gain revenge for her cheating ways but like the film’s tagline says, “There’s no such thing as a simple plan”. The film stars MARTIN COMPSTON, CRAIG CONWAY, SEAN PERTWEE and KIERSTON WREING.

I liked the film and that isn’t only because I know the film’s Executive Producer and Composer personally! I know how hard it is to have an idea, to write it down in script form, to edit and re-edit let alone to cast it, produce, film, edit and package it for the world to see. It’s a major task and they did with day jobs and a family. Congratulations Nina and Raimond!!

Check out Nina’s interview about her experience making the film. Click here

What are your other talents? What are your dreams? What other strings do you have to your bow? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to use the comment box below.

Have a fit week! x

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  1. Interesting article Tameka. Well as my partner is a very beautiful comic I too would take issue with the initial point you raised!! I think you’re right about the pigeon holing and expectations. Of course a triple threat (incidentally triple threat was originally a basketball expression – in case PH reads this!) could be any combination of skills. Singing blessed me until my voice broke and then that was the end of that, but I think if we think out of the box, what we might call a combination of skills could be a lot wider than we think, eg. someone with artistic and business skills provides a combination that can be useful, as I see some artists and theatres etc, lack business acumen. Being a writer and music producer could still make for great tunes for others, even if you’re not the frontman on the mic. I guess it’s all about the package of skills one has, and first recognising them in self as they may not always be obvious and maximising the combination of them, so the end result is greater than the sum of the parts.

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