The Handover…the heart wrenching feeling of returning to work



The time has come for me to fully get back into the work rhythm. My baby has spent the last week settling into the nursery, which just makes my heart skip a few beats.

Initially, I was allowed to stay with her, where I witnessed the older boys running around her, wanting to welcome her…in a boisterous manner, which made me nervous. They mean no harm but there I was with an arm outstretched to protect her saying “play gently boys”. The little girls were giving her a wary look, it’s so funny to watch the way they size each other up. I know I can’t wrap my baby in cotton wool but I know I will find being away from her really difficult!! The other mums reassure me that it will get easier with time and I comfort myself knowing she will only be at nursery for 3 days a week, plus my sister is the Manager at the nursery, who I know will keep a watchful eye on her.

I remember being looked after by my Grandparents when my Mum returned to work. Ideally, I would love to leave my baby in the care of my Mum but how times have changed. Grandparents are working just as hard these days as their children, with no hope of early retirement. High inflation, poor economy and cuts in benefits are having a huge effect on middle and low income families. Budget planning is key right now for everyone, as the cost of living rises and salaries remain the same. Small businesses are also at threat, so my advice is to stay financially savvy and see where there are opportunities for your small businesses to collaborate.

Well, this is my final week before my baby heads off to nursery. I intend to enjoy this week to the fullest, as next week will put my organisational skills to the test.

Wearing my Mummy hat and business hat, I know I will be totally distracted with thoughts of the baby whilst I’m working. But I know I need to work harder now than ever with the responsibility of my baby, ensuring that I can provide for her and somehow have a good work life balance to spend as much time with her as possible.

What are your tips for Mums returning to work?
What childcare do you have in place or do you work from home?

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