Wednesday’s Small Steps

Small Steps to Big Successes

So, it’s Day 3 in our 90 Day challenge – are you with us? Have you decided on what your 90 Day Challenge is? Great! Welcome to Wednesday’s Small Steps to Big Success. We all know that whenever we resolve to make changes in our ‘healthstyle’ – we make big grand gestures which leave us weary after day 10 (if we get that far).

A couple of years ago I went to an Inspired Leaders interview with David Gold, the UK based entrepreneur. He signed my copy of his autobiography with the quote – “I’ve only got the elephant’s tail to go“. He was referring to the quote ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time’.

With any big challenge, it always help to break it down into small chunks. Our 90 Day Challenge is a marathon not a sprint – the key to our success is pacing ourselves and taking small steps every day that will lead to our 90 Day Challenge Success.

So Wednesday is your opportunity to join us in celebrating our small steps for the week. Join us here at Phenomenal Healthstyle blog every Wednesday and share with us, while we share with you, the small steps we have taken each week to move closer to meeting our 90 Day Challenge goal.

By Day 75 we should all be able to say…“I’ve only got the elephant’s tail to go

Leave us a comment below. What’s your 90 Day Challenge and what small steps have you taken this week to achieve it?

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