Change is Good for the Soul

Last weekend I said goodbye to a dear friend of mine. Her name is Emma and I’ve known her since I was 11 years old. The reason I’ve chosen to write this blog about her is that she is a very inspirational friend. A true ‘talent’ in my eyes.

After experiencing major changes in her life, she decided she wanted to live in Canada. Now Canada is a big move – a different country, with different currency, different time zone. I asked her why she chose Canada and she replied quite simply ‘You don’t hear about it in the news’.

Now initially I thought she was just running away from everything, and I was worried that she was making a rash decision without planning it properly. I asked her cautiously ‘Are you sure?’ and she replied ‘I think so’.

Over the next few months we would speak about her idea of living in Canada. In the beginning she sounded like she was half sure. Then one day I spoke to her and it was as if she had already packed her suitcase and was planning to leave the following day! She told me she was reading a book called EAT PRAY LOVE’ by Elizabeth Gilbert (it has also been made into a feature film with the same title starring Julia Roberts) and it was whilst reading this book that she decided that she WAS going to live in Canada.

‘Tam, you have to read this book! This book is amazing!’ she said. So I did. It is about a woman who is unhappy in her marriage and decides to divorce her husband to explore her mind and soul in order to find herself’. I have to say I haven’t finished reading it yet but it is a great book! When do we really take the time out for ourselves (especially women). We tend to give in’ or do the right thing’ for others more than we do for our (true) selves. We put work or children or family first which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing but we tend to leave ourselves short. Like Emma, I urge you to read it.

I would describe Emma to be an organised person. A person who is kind and thoughtful, strong and confident. But it was reading and discussing this book with her that I realised that she was ready for a change, and SHE was going to initiate it. Emma was ready to be in the driving seat of her life and wanted to re-start the rest of her life in a completely different way – without the creature comforts of what she already knew.

As we talked about being young women with no children, working and living out our dreams, I thought about myself and what I wanted to achieve. There really is no point on having a ‘dream life’, if we are not doing anything to achieve it. Live the dream!

Emma said she wrote a note a few years back about going to live in Canada and wrote the month she intended to go in an old notebook and forgot about it. A couple of months ago, when she was thinking about making the move and applied to do various courses, the one she chose started in October. She called me and told me that she had found the notebook. When she looked through it she noticed that she had written that she wanted to go to live in Canada in October!!! Now that’s the Law Of Attraction working at it’s best (check out another book and DVD called THE SECRET’ by Rhonda Byrne).

Initially I was sad to hear she was leaving but then I thought good for her! She has the drive, the ambition and life experience to be able to live somewhere else in the world. Yesterday she got on the plane and by the time this blog has been published she would be in day one of her new life.

Emma (you better be reading this!), I wish you the very best again. May you embrace your new life in good health, be strong and keep focused. Continue to give thanks everyday.

God bless. (PS. I still have your Wii Zumba DVD – I’ll look after it for you!)

Have a fit week! x

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3 Responses to “Change is Good for the Soul”

  1. Fantastically brave and wonderful for your friend Emma. Sounds like her spirit called her to Canada. May your friendship continue to bloom.

  2. Yes Tam I read it (lol). Thank you so much for all your kind words and inspiration. I have been in Canada for over a month now and know u made the right move. I miss my family and friends dearly but there is always Skype! Change is good people! We are the artists of our lives, only we can map out our futures. Change comes with some hurdles but it is how we deal with them that is the key as those hurdles will probaly be the most important lessons we learn.
    Love ya Tam and so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Xxx

  3. Oh and another thing, totally agree with Tam on reading Eat, Love, Pray it’s the type of book that will renew your spirit. I also highly recommend going to Oprah Winfrey’s Own website and checking out her life class you can watch online anywhere in the world!

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