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I have to share my joy at seeing Gina Moffatt receive a Pride of Britain Award last week, what an inspiration to all Mumpreneurs!!

This young mum of twins found herself in a terrible drama, ending up in prison and having to leave her baby twins behind for over 5 years. Even through all the trauma of being in prison, she saw a need and boldly approached prison officials with the idea to develop her florist business. She went on to develop this further on her release from prison with assistance from The Prince’s Trust . Gina also went on to open a cafe which serves her community in Tottenham.

Her entrepenuerial spirit and the Award she received is just the beginning of her journey. To me, she is a true inspiration. If ever you feel the cards are stacked against you; that you may not be listened to, that you are in the wrong location or that you are not worthy of the opportunities that are out there – think of Gina. Being in prison did not stop Gina from having a vision and to successfully act upon it. Whatever the driving force behind Gina, she should bottle it and sell it on.

Well done Gina, I salute you and look forward to seeing what the future holds for you and your beautiful twin girls!!


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  1. Hi Alison

    Thank you for highlighting Gina in your blog. I missed it the other night and said that I would see it on catch up. I know Gina and she is truly amazing. Good for her and all mothers out there.

    Rock on Mumprenuer Mondays!

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