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I would like to start this week’s blog by thanking all my dedicated readers for always being there and leaving comments. In addition, I embrace the readers who may have accidentally stumbled on my blogs and read them anyway. And to those who were just passing through; you all keep me wanting to share!

So, how are we all? I genuinely would like to hear from you…

How are we getting on with our PHenomenal Healthstyle’s ‘Summer In My Heart’ compilation? Have you made your selections and forwarded them on to the PH team yet?

How more fitting can it be with this very unexpected, but glorious burst of delayed summer to get in the mood to listen to music that will prolong the bright summer days even longer in our hearts!

Wow! As I take a deep breath in and exhale with great force, I cannot believe we are ten months into this whole year.

If you were asked to look back at the last ten months of 2011, what would you say the highlights were?

JANUARY – I can recall thinking and being excited about the prospect of 2011 being the year that everything came together in a full circle and great things were ahead.

FEBRUARY – My birthday month which makes me an Aquarian – need I say more! I share this special month with my twin sister and my niece Seraiah who arrived six days before our birthday; making us Aunties for the fourth time. Also, meeting a very special lady called Cathey!

MARCH – A whole year has passed since meeting the wonderful man in my life. Experiencing the wonders and delights of North Africa and giving birth to the idea of setting up my own music company and website. Can life get any better then this?

APRIL – I started writing and became one of the bloggers for Phenomenal Healthstyle which gave me the platform to express my more creative side. The PH brand is the epitome of what I am about. This month also gave me a clearer understanding of what it means to be a female!

MAYLast Born Music goes live! I am up and running with my website and attracting new clients…I am my brand!!

JUNE – Increasing my network and deciding to join forces with two wonderful women to create a website that incorporates all our skills-sets and vast knowledge of all our combined industries – SKZeD – A full service Creative, PR, Marketing and Digital network.

JULY – It’s the middle of summer and all is as it should be in my world.

AUGUST – Getting involved with a financial education company that has helped me understand the importance of being financially independent and creating multiple income streams.

SEPTEMBER – The SKZeD website is up and we are open for business! Also received a cheque from one of the biggest fuel providers thanks to education in August.

OCTOBER – Two days in and October is already feeling like a great month. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Afrikan Yoga classes this month.

In the coming months I will have much more to share with you, including making a big reveal, but until then enjoy this awesome weather and keep smiling!

3 Responses to “On Reflection…”

  1. Oh we got another mention, love it. Also my song for the compilation is MJ Cole’s Crazy love, I have it constantly on repeat :-D. Can’t wait to here more from you xxx

    • Of course…..the girls or y0urself will always crop up in my blogs; I’m sure another mention will come up again before the year is out, what do you think?!
      I love your song selection for the PH ‘Summer In Your Heart’ compilation – the featured artist on that track; Elizabeth Troy is a really good friend of mine! xxx

  2. Of course Summertime, Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff…”yeah I got on sneaks but I need a new pair, cause basketball courts in the summer got girls there”

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