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As I write this blog I feel absolutely shattered.

After a typically busy week, I spent time with family and old friends and had a great time catching up with them, I feel blessed to have them in our lives! I was also pampered with delicious food…yes, I love food!!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that rock my world. I am a keen cook and go as far as having Masterchef set up on a series link on my sky+! Among my family and friends are some great cooks, so its always great to taste someone else’s cooking. Between us all, I know we could have our own catering business but until that time, I take pleasure in the home cooking/tasting experience.

At this rate I may have to seek assistance from my fellow blogger Bella-Marie, our fitness guru.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer I need to discipline myself from indulging in too much comfort eating, I know it’s gonna be tough! This time last year I was ‘eating for two’ but that excuse only lasts for nine months. So this is my plan…my little one is soon moving on to solid foods so when I wean her on to pureed carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, pumpkin, parsnips etc and fruit, its only right that mummy practises what she preaches and eats the same (non pureed of course).

Time to get the George Foreman out and start grilling some chicken or fish to accompany the veg. I know the tiredness is due to being a busy mum, but my diet also plays a part. So to avoid having to wear my stretchy tops from my pregnant days, I need to get my eating habits in check. Hmm… my mind is now drifting to eating chocolate and this year’s Christmas dinner…Mmmm.

Clearly, I need to meditate on this and must remember that the term Yummy Mummy has nothing to do with food 🙂

What healthy snacks can you advise for busy mums?
What are your tips for tasty healthy meals?

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