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It’s been a few weeks since my last blog, after taking some time out for much needed rest.

During this time I’ve met up with many friends who are also new Mums, it’s been great sharing tips.

Other than the baby talk, the other hot topic is work and money. One Mum is already panicking about leaving her young baby in childcare and how this will affect her ability to focus on her demanding medical role.

With other Mums, I sat and brainstormed numerous business ideas; it was clear that we all shared the same concern…not wanting to spend too much time away from our babies. The solution…

Job sharing within our own business, just as you would in a corporate job.

We identified our individual key strengths, confirmed how much time we could each commit (realistically) and began to plan how we would drive the business. I am within a network of smart and ambitious Mums from varied working/business backgrounds, it will be great to work alongside Mums who share the same values.

I’ve also spent time chatting with Frantic Dad and Calm Dad who I mentioned in a previous post; we attend the same weekly babyzone group. They too shared their concerns about work and money. Frantic Dad’s wife has a higher paid role and has therefore returned to work and he is a stay at home Dad. He explained it was a tough decision but it’s what is best for the family. Calm Dad’s wife is expecting another baby and he works from home a lot, so juggles his time effectively to share time with his young son whilst working, which also enables his heavily pregnant wife to get some rest. I applaud these guys, putting aside macho male images and stereotypes to do the best for their families. They are both still getting to grips with being new parents, as we all are.

Calm Dad confided that he recently lost the buggy??? He explained that after a family afternoon at the park he was putting his son and changing bag into the car, got distracted and somehow drove off without loading the buggy in the boot. Even worse, he didn’t realise the buggy was missing for 3 days… (due to illness they had stayed home for a few days after the park visit so had no need for the buggy). I admired his honesty and found the story hilarious, not sure it would have been so funny if it were my buggy though!

Frantic Dad turned up at babyzone last week, saying he was so proud that he got out of the house on time, with minimum fuss…not realising he had put his son’s trousers on back to front : )

I’m loving the world of parenting 🙂

What lifestyles changes have you made since becoming a parent? How has this affected your working life?

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  1. Hi Alison – this was a very good read indeed; especially the part about the sharing part. Not only does it help in working and surrounding yourself with other mothers sharing the same views and concerns it also works in terms of child care issues and their rising fees.

    I look forward to reading your next post!

    Kehinde 🙂

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