Life and Money

It’s certainly a pleasure to be able to contribute once again on this awesome blog.

It’s amazing how fast time flies. I seem to be at the place where I do not realise where time has gone; what seems like two weeks ago was actually three weeks. I now heavily rely on my diary, more than ever.

Life is interesting. I have started a new business; it just started organically, which is nice for a change.

Rather than you chasing money, money is chasing you. At least that’s how I see it if there is a demand for the work and input you contribute to life and others.

Now, I certainly have a couple more proverbial miles before I reach my nirvana, but the difference is, I know I will arrive at my destination very soon.

How about you?

I have two major goals in life, to preach the Word and allow people to realise who they really are in a world that is doing a brilliant job of keeping many below their divine station, and to help people get rid of and practically destroy debt.

I am literally in a fight daily, specifically a mental and spiritual one. The fight is keeping my mind focused on the number one task and agenda; maintaining and increasing my hope; realising my dreams in a world that continually sends messages of impossibility.

An even bigger responsibility is creating and maintaining an environment that my children can dare to dream big in a world that seems to harvest destruction.

Life is a series of tests and to get to the next plateau, the next level, you have to shift your paradigm to the next level.

In more cases than I care to remember, that shift always comes with a fight. Now to most of us, that fight seems like or may appear to be one of those worst moments that you would sooner forget about, however, if you are still breathing, and the worst is now behind you, you have defeated that storm (of life) and in most cases, that makes you stronger.

A word of encouragement

Sometimes you would sooner quit and give up rather than finish the race. I am writing to encourage you to NEVER quit, unless quitting is a decision and strategy that will enable you to win the war.

Your life at this present moment is the summation of your most dominant thoughts literally to the second in which you are reading this sentence. So, if you desire to change the same old repetitive scenarios that seem to keep cropping up, you have to change the script you keep saying to yourself.

What script? I am talking about any worrying (that’s a brilliant way to get negative scripts playing right to your heart); I am talking about living in fear and entertaining fear more often than not. Did you know fear shuts down your mental faculties? Used correctly it’s a brilliant form of mind control!

If you do not believe me, just rewind back to the last time you were in the vicinity of a police car, you act differently; are you telling me that’s due to a reverential respect or is that fear’?

What about the feeling you may have if and when those undesirable letters arrive through your door? Hence watching the news 24/7 is not always a good idea, or reading certain newspapers that just pump fear repeatedly.

Control your thoughts and you will literally write out and script the direction of your life. It’s that real What you say can either save your life or kill you. And the verb to say’ implies talking with your five sensory faculties, hence – you can be speaking yet your mouth is closed.

Body language is a fact, and we subconsciously say things without opening our physical mouths, yet our spiritual mouths are screaming very loud. So if you want to change the record, you have to fill your mind with good things, positive things, then and only then will you start to manifest your greatest thoughts in line with your desires.

Stay focused, and do not let LIFE be a distraction or an excuse to stop you from finishing your race.

Stay blessed.

Richard Ansah is our monthly ‘wealth guardian’ blogger. He will be back on the next first Wednesday of the month with more money wisdom.

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  1. Richard

    Thanks again. I needed that. Things happen for a reason hence me reading this blog (& previous blogs) today.

    All the very best with your new business and stay blessed. x

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