Do you know it all?

Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof. John Kenneth Galbraith

Today is the first day of my 90 day challenge. Have you started yours? I knew it. I didn’t think so.

I’m a bit of a know-it-all. Are you one too? If not I bet you know someone that is. You know, the type that has an answer for everything and knows little about a lot.

A friend invited me to a seminar yesterday. She said, “I know you are open to these kind of things, I didn’t get anything out of it, but everyone else did, they found it amazing and its transformed their lives”.

As a know-it-all, I knew exactly why she didn’t get it. We happen to be the same star sign coincidentally and what I see in myself I sometimes see in her too.

My friend was right. I am open to finding new ways to develop myself and as I’ve started working from home and come out of working a job in the city for a while, I thought there may be a few people there I could show a thing or two about life, or there might even be an opportunity to promote my new blog!

The speaker was compelling, and from what I could sense the techniques had great impact and the graduate participants were passionate about what they got out of the process. We shared several people’s breakthrough moments. It was magical. No, really it was – there was even a magician there that I saw of the television last week on that ‘Can you fool Penn & Teller’ show with Jonathan Ross. He was invited to the event by a friend too.

Unfortunately the magic was slightly lost on me as I was slumped in my chair with my arms folded tightly – analysing the situation. Me? Defensive? Never. Yep, you guessed it, I may of not done this particular ‘life changing forum’ but I’ve done many similar things and as an ex Big 4 change management consultant, emotional intelligence facilitator, etc, etc who has overcome many challenges in my life, worked in the city and took a sabbatical to explore new ways of working. Yep, I think I know a bit about transformation.

So there I sat with my arms crossed, thinking this is all well and good, but I know the format of these things, after the sharing of the experience – then comes the sales pitch – and I’m too smart to fall for that. I mean I’ve been an account manager, worked in business development, sales and marketing and I’m learning about the world of network marketing who have the slickest sales pitches I’ve seen. I’ve seen this format too many times. I know what happens next…and I was right. Just like I knew I would be.

Just as I was enjoying my moment of knowing – a lady passionate about the course sat next to me and spoke to me about her experience on it. In my mind I heard myself say – hear we go. (Hmm, not as open as I thought I was, who knew?).

She was very genuine and passionate about why it had worked for her. I agreed with her that I thought it was a powerful course, but told her, hey I got this self development thing covered. She asked me ‘what was getting in the way of me doing the course?’ I told her I had made a commitment to some other things right now so I would get ‘a Round Tuit’ soon. She gave me the look (you know the ‘OK, alright dear, whatever you say’) and then departed with the big smile she sat down with. Hasn’t she got anything better to do than try to improve other people’s lives? Get a job!

So, today is the start of the Phenomenal Healthstyle 90 Day Challenge. Have you put your plan together? (tick) Have you set your goals? (tick) Have you checked you have a big enough reason why to do them? (tick) Have you broken them down into monthly, weekly and daily chunks? (tick) Have you made them big enough that they are motivating? (tick) Have you made them achievable so you don’t get overwhelmed? (tick) Do you know what you need to do? (check) Have you cleared all the ‘stuff’ out the way so that you can focus on what you are trying to achieve? Pardon, did you ask me to repeat the question? I knew you would. I know, you know I would, because, you’re a know it all like me, right?

This morning I asked myself, what happens when you know it all but what you know does not help you to get what you set out to get done done? I feel that, sometimes we need to stop the talking and the analysing and like Susan Jeffers says, ‘Fight the Fear and do it anyway’

What ever your fear is – only you know. I know mine. I thought that was the breakthrough, but now I know, knowing isn’t enough. Being COACHABLE and DOING is everything.

My 90 Day Challenge starts today and the space I live in, is cluttered. Not a great place to start. The plan was to clear it in time for the 90 Day Challenge so it wouldn’t be one of the things getting in my way. I know it’s partly the result of procrastination but as we all know – knowing and doing is not the same thing.

The first step of my 90 Day challenge is to get off the computer and go for my daily walk. I don’t know what’s going to happen after that. I’m just going to DO it and see.

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