I Get It Now

Since becoming a new mum I now have a sneak preview of what being a mum is all about. I’m sure you would agree our Mums have a special place in our hearts and can never be replaced. I get it now!!

Secondly, my phone has never been busier, with callers requesting an update of the baby’s developments. A continuous flow of family and friends come to visit the baby too, it’s truly comforting and overwhelming. Each visitor shares tales of their experience of a newborn and my mum continues to remind me that “she never had/did this in my day”, (she is usually referring to disposable nappies)... Mum is also horrified by the rate in which I go through baby wipes. “Oh, back in the day when changing nappies we would have to use water and cotton wool” she often remarks.

I have to say though, of all the new mum tips I have been given, the key one would be, ‘Sleep when your baby sleeps!!’ This is something I find hard to do, as I see it as an opportunity to either shower, do housework, have something to eat, email, do online banking etc in that order. After weeks of sleep deprivation and bad eating habits, I soon began feeling weak so I was forced to leave the housework. I now apologise to visitors for the mess, they typically respond, ‘what mess?!’

As women we feel the pressure to be ‘Superwoman’ more than we care to admit, but I’m glad I’m seeing sense now before I totally crash and burn. I get it now!!

On the plus side everyone tells me how the baby is well looked after and how well I look for a new mum. I graciously accept the compliments but quietly wonder, hmm, so how did I look before motherhood??! 🙂

What top tips did you receive as a new mum?

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  1. Another great post Alison -I can tell by reading this and the last how much your embracing motherhood.

    Keep up the good work!


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