Winners never quit and Quitters never win

I don’t know if it’s just me, but you get to a point in life where your mind plays games with you, games that are detrimental to your life and can steal your time and joy.

The bottom line is that if your mind is not sharp; if that mental muscle (the brain) is not exercised and defence warning systems (emotions) are not in check, you will always feel like life is in your way, when in reality, it is you who are in your way.

I want to encourage you to keep your mind sharp and focused, like a laser. If you understand anything about power and energy, you will know that when it is intensified, it takes a mighty force to stop it in its track.

Think of the ant you tried to burn under the magnifying glass as a child, it took an instrument such as a magnifying glass, (and some decent weather) for you to intensify the power of light and focused energy to make the ant disappear. I don’t suggest you go around burning ants but the example shows how intensified power and focused energy can be productive and destructive. I am encouraging you to find your magnifying glass but make sure you use the power of your instrument to focus your energy on the things that will enhance your life not destroy it. Building power and focusing energy is hard work but it is one of the ingredients that brings wealth!

In the book of Hebrews 11:1, Faith is the substance [or confidence or assurance] of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I could give examples just in this scripture, but that will defeat the purpose of this post today. The point that I want to highlight to you all is this

You cannot have confidence, assurance of things that you earnestly desire and want in your life if you do not have hope. And to maintain hope, you have to keep your mind FOCUSED and STRONG. Mental toughness and agility! You are the only one who can control what comes into your mind and what goes out, and one of the biggest most powerful tool to help you maintain that FOCUS and maintain and increase your HOPE is that pink device in your head aka your tongue controlled by your brain. If you do not speak your intentions, or confess them, how do you expect to manifest them?

If your faith is to bring the things that you have hoped for, and your desire is such that you have the evidence, (even if no one else can see it but you) then you will see results.

Brian Tracy says it like this You become what you think about most of the time’. Can you honestly be in constant thought about something and not speak about it? A glutinous person will always have food on their mind and they will always be talking about it.

An athlete, who desires that gold medal in the Olympic Games, will be talking about their desire. So what are you talking about, more often than not? Is it your will to win at something or the fear of losing something?

Never Quit! Never give in!

State your victory, even in the face of defeat. (What may appear to be defeat, is not necessarily defeat). My mother would never quit. She would always say Richard, sometimes you have to stand crooked in order to cut straight!’ I am encouraging you today, get up and stand, even if you have to limp to reach your destination – get up.

Finally, choose your friends wisely, for the wrong friends can be the biggest dream stealers and hope destroyers. Without hope, you have no faith, and if you have no faith, you will never see the brightest moment after a victory, you will always stand on the other side where defeat resides.

Winners NEVER quit and quitter NEVER win!

3 Responses to “Winners never quit and Quitters never win”

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your wise words again today.

    As I was flitting through my FB timelines a new interview from one of my favourite Financial Advisers – Suze Orman – has been posted by where she focuses on the link between health and wealth.

    Yes the article is slanted to the US, but if you put it into perspective for us Brits, food is really expensive here in the UK and if you don’t look after your health, it can and will affect your wealth.


  2. So needed to hear that today. Thank you

  3. Kehinde Olarinmoye July 2, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Hi Richard – another great post!

    I’ve said this once before, your advise is always on point. I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experiences for me to gain further insight into sustaining a healthy mind.

    Kehinde 😀

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