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Great comments last week, many thanks.

As I said last week, the key to wealth is to own nothing and control everything. Remember, wealth is not just about having money it’s everything else required once you have money. I like to call it financial intelligence.

There are many forms of intelligence, most people are accustomed to the type we use at school and try to focus so much on that in order to pass exams and do well in order to claim that wonderful prize – a JOB (also known as) a J-O-B (Just Over Broke).

Please do not be offended by the above reference if you have a job, but I do invite you to analyse your circumstances if you have one, and just ask yourself if you could really be wealthy or even just be financially independent whilst in a job? (It certainly pays the bills, and if you are fortunate, you could afford a reasonable lifestyle decent car, a nice house/flat etc ) However, can you really be free and independent to do what you want, when you want without money being your first thought?

So back to intelligence

As I was saying, intelligence is defined in many ways, there are different types. One may or may not be aware of this. Schools, educational institutions and professional institutions do not labour on more than just two types: Linguistic intelligence (reading/writing) and Logical (mathematics).

Have you ever wondered why certain people just do not get on at school? Have you ever wondered why the rich never get on at school (generally speaking)?

This observation is applicable no matter where you come from, no matter your skin colour, and has no relevance to your traditional heritage or values. It’s applicable to all.

There are nine familiar types of intelligence:

1. Spatial

2. Linguistic

3. Logical mathematical

4. Bodily-kinaesthetic

5. Musical

6. Interpersonal

7. Intrapersonal

8. Natural

9. Existential

I invite the reader to research these, a good place to start is just to do an Internet search on the above or you can read this reference via Wikipedia. In your research I invite you to check if there is ever any reference to intelligence number ten? Financial Intelligence!

Those talented with money, possess financial intelligence, I find it humorous with a slight hint of contempt that financial intelligence is rarely mentioned. Financial Intelligence is measured in five ways:

1. One’s ability to manage money

2. Ability to make money

3. Protect money

4. Leverage or grow money

5. Obtain good financial information to build and increase wealth.

I talked about financial intelligence in one of my earlier posts, however it does and is worth repeating. So why am I harping on about financial intelligence and what is the relevance to being wealthy?

I am glad you asked that question

To own nothing and control everything is a master skill with money, not a general one. The very rich operate this way, to the point they (the super-rich) pay less tax than most people with a job paying £1000 per month or more. I would say they are doing something that MOST are not.

It’s all good and well me harping on about it, my question is what are YOU going to do about it. I was in a private seminar held in Gibraltar nearly three years ago, and I heard these words which changed my life

do not try to pay off yesterday to bring down tomorrow’ and you can be bankrupt and still live like a king’.

These words changed my life and gave me hope so that I am now a man who is totally free from debt. I am continually educating myself to increase my own financial intelligence. I will be attending a seminar next week with someone who taught me alot about how to own nothing and control everything. If you are interested in developing your own financial intelligence please email me at with the subject title – Developing Financial Intelligence and I can send you information about up and coming talks & workshops.

Next week, I will be sticking to this theme, as it is truly important if you desire to live the life you want to live.

Stay blessed.


Disclaimer: Please note, the wealth wednesday posts should not be deemed as financial advice. Please contact a qualified independent financial adviser and ensure you do your own independent research when making any financial decisions.

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