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Most of the time, when it comes to promoting ourselves, it’s a struggle. We get a complex about sharing with someone (or many others) , just how great we are at doing something. I wonder why?

How will the world know about what you have to offer, if you struggle to tell them about who you are, what you do and how well you do it? There’s never a problem to convince yourself of something, such as having an extra 30 minutes of sleep, or another slice of that gorgeous cake, or even a credible reason why that Gucci bag which was on sale should find itself in your wardrobe; when you have an assortment of all shapes, sizes and colours of bags already – like one extra handbag is going to make the difference? And if you are a bloke how many more phones, gadgets or shoes/trainers or dare I say it…’debt’ (I said it!) do you need?

That’s right, the number one skill that everyone requires in order to experience a modicum of success in life and business, is the same skill we use almost every day to persuade ourselves into and out of most personal situations. Yet the majority of people say they hate to sell!

How does one ever expect to monetize such glorious and wonderful gifts and talents, without an inherent ability to persuade and convince others that they need YOU to solve their PROBLEMS?

Selling is considered to be THE NUMBER ONE SKILL EVERY ONE SHOULD POSSESS in life and business Period!

What are you doing when you are being interviewed for a job?

What is going on when your child is acting up and you manage, somehow, to get them to behave?

Why do you think it’s important to make a great first impression?

Exactly! You are communicating something to someone about who you are or what you do we are all in sales! Have a think about this the next time you try to sell’ to yourself why you hate selling?

No ability to sell to others, no ability to make money! And when there’s no money, one becomes broke! Let’s face it, you need money to live, eat, have fun, remain happy, etc. So whether we are going to make money by running a business or within a job, ones skill in sales must be sharpened regularly.

So, Richard, why am I getting more people saying no than yes when I sell?

Unfortunately, a pitfall in sales is the amount of rejections or objections we receive when trying to sell. It can be disheartening at first, but with consistency, you learn to have endurance and resilience. However, if you are used to getting more no’s than yes’s then there might be a problem.

Typically one improves at converting a would-be no’ into a yes’. That’s a master skill of any sales person – the power to persuade and influence!

Normally, there are at least two reasons why one would be receiving more rejections than making a sale: If you are saying the wrong thing to the wrong people. So, the key to getting more saying ‘yes’ than ‘no’ is to speak more often to the right people who would need your goods or services. The secret to being a great sales person (i.e. making money in your business or job) is the ability to suss out within a very short space of time, the people who need what you have to offer. The term I like to use is to have some STAND-OUT-ABILITY’, be irresistible! Be the biggest fish in a very small pond, and the only way to be that big fish is to create your own pond. Be the best at what YOU do. And when you think about it, it should be very easy to be the best at what YOU do. Just do it well! So well that others want to compete with you rather than you wanting to compete with others!

It’s like wearing a well-tailored suit or dress. Only you wear it well, and guess what, it’s tailored so well you stand out!

The key is to focus on what you do best and more importantly focus on the WHY not the HOW i.e. people are far more interested in the benefits of a product or service in comparison to the features.

If I, being a man, want to buy a car, I am interested predominantly in what the car looks like, how fast it drives, how reliable it is, how good the stereo is et cetera. So, it would be good to hear features which confirms the benefits I want, like super charged’ or Bang & Olufsen speakers’ or all leather interior with heated seats front and back’ or 22 inch alloys’. These are features that support my benefits the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

If my wife wants a car, yes, all those factors I mentioned are important, but nowhere near as important as the colour! If the colour is not what she can be seen in every day, you are wasting your time! The car could park itself, drive by itself, even paint her toe nails whilst in traffic, but if it’s the wrong colour, it’s the wrong car!

So, how do you know what benefits people are looking for?


The one who asks the questions is King, so keep asKING questions – only Kings (and Queens) ask questions.

Then once you know what your prospect wants, guess what you are going to do next? That’s right, offer everything to them that they said they wanted in the first place is that not keeping your prospects happy? Is that not almost guaranteeing a sale!

If you continue to ask questions, especially if you keep testing or pre-closing’ then the likelihood of rejection or objections are very slim. Why? Because you were asking’ the prospects their thoughts all the way through your presentation and if you did not get the appropriate response, you would not move forward.

So then the secret to successful sales is to ask the right questions at the right time to the right people.

It’s an art but it starts off as a skill, and skills can be learnt and taught!

In this day and age, there’s no excuse. Allow the internet to be your best friend when it comes to learning and studying!

I trust this mini sales course has been useful?

To your success!

EDITOR NOTE: We would love to hear any success or funny stories about you trying to sell your product or service. What worked? What went wrong?


2 Responses to “Sell, Sell, Sell, your way to the top”

  1. Great training and many thanks

  2. Kehinde Olarinmoye June 8, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Hey Richard,

    I didn’t think that you could top last week’s post, but I think you may have done so with this one. Amazing!

    You have high-lighted some key points in how to achieve more yes’s then no’s.

    As the saying goes: if you don’t ask… don’t get!

    Much appreciated.

    Kehinde 😀

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