Ok, first day back at work. First things first – Breathe.

Let’s start preparing for our 90 Day Challenge on Wednesday 12 January. It’s the simple things in life that can make the difference.

You will be amazed that most people don’t know that breathing , something we do approximately 20,000 times each day, can deeply influence your health and happiness on many levels. The other great thing about breathing is it’s free – and we can do it on our way to work, at work and at home.

Take three deep cleansing breaths anytime of the day, but especially when something or one feels like they are about to get on your last nerve. Make it a habit. It’s a great stress reliever. I read that Maya Fiennes, a yoga guru suggests when you breathe, to ask yourself the following three things:

  • Where am I right now? Here
  • Who am I right now? Myself
  • What’s the time? Now.

I would love to know what breathing techniques you use to keep calm in the city. Leave us a comment.


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