Back to life, back to reality

This time last week, I had just arrived in Antalya, Turkey and spent a couple of days in the old town before heading to the Sunsplash music festival for a complete change of scene.

Far from the rustic, cobbled, quaint and traditional Turkish backdrop, I entered the super-trendy world of Hillside Su , a five star beachfront hotel with all white decor (with red accents) that was packed with ravers from London.

The whole hotel is designed purely with cold-chilling in mind. There are white beds and cushions everywhere; from the lounge as you enter, to your room balcony, around the poolside and on the beach, so being horizontal for most of your stay is pretty much unavoidable. I was in a fluffy white world of decadence just perfect for my tired body!

The festival was very chilled, more of a long party than a music festival, as Jose James (who was amazing!) was the only artist who performed and the rest of it was DJ sets. It was nice to connect with some friends and listen to some great music in a funky setting. The beach parties were pretty special Gilles Peterson’s set was nice and I still have Adele’s Rolling in the Deep Jamie XX Remix in my head.

While I didn’t make it to any of the sunrise and sunset yoga session, I did make it to the gym while I was there and danced a lot! Although, I must be honest and say that I pretty much ate my body weight in bread and pastries, so I’m with Tameka and fallen off the weight watching wagon!

I had booked the festival at the start of my sabbatical to be a nice way to end my travels. This last month, before returning to work is to be spent trying to complete some writing and slowly returning back to reality and life as I knew it. I’ve loved being a bit like Uncle Travelling Matt with these post(cards) or Auntie Travelling Michelle to my niece, who’s like ‘you’re going away again?!’ every time she sees me reappear for a few hours.

A number of you have been cursing me for the lack of photos on this blog. Sorry! I actually don’t take many photos when I travel and if I do I’m hardly ever in them. However, I have managed to download a handful of pics and videos that those of you who are interested can peruse at leisure.

It’s been a fun four months of back-to-back journeying, I’ve had an absolute blast and have enjoyed sharing the past eight weeks with you!

Don’t worry my travels aren’t over for good … so watch this space.


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