Time Travelling

I think my body clock is out of synch. Not sure whether I should still be sleeping or up and exercising. I feel like I need the latter as my bones are creaking. I’ve been sat in planes, trains and automobiles these past five days travelling from captivating Cape Town, (SAST) back through animated Accra (GMT), to same ol’ London (BST) and now in (to be discovered) Antalya, Turkey (GMT +3). It’s funny how shifting a few hours back and forth can make a difference and it doesn’t help that I’ve lost my watch, so never really sure exactly what time it is.

I can also see the benefit of doing those economy-class-prevent-thrombosis-stretches the airlines encourage you to do. I wish I’d paid attention to the videos! I’m aching, but nothing a good massage won’t fix.

I arrived in London at the crack of dawn and hardly able to keep my eyes open. But there’s something about being on home soil (however briefly) that brings on a dull stress about the many things I could or should be doing with 48 hours stopover time, e.g. check mail, make phone calls (on my unused phone allowance rather than international dialling credit), get my eyebrows waxed, booking a hotel for my next trip, visit friends for lunch, dinner, and coffee, collect left luggage, etc.

Then real life’ stuff kicks in and my forehead somehow recollects the frown it hasn’t expressed in over three months as I:

  • check in with my bank (to see how long I can drag out this global meandering for better check out Richard’s blog for some wealth creation tips;
  • check my work BlackBerry and actually read and respond to messages and meeting invites; and
  • check property websites to see what the housing market is saying, as there’s the little issue of where to live when I return to work to sort out!

Gosh, I think I need another holiday 😉

A four-hour flight later and London is a distant memory. Escapism isn’t always the best option (my sister had time to remind me that even ostrich’s have to take their heads out of the sand sometimes), but lest we forget, I’m still on sabbatical here!

So, cracking on

I arrived in Antalya last night and checked into a boutique hotel in Kaleici or the Old Town and I felt like I’d travelled back in time. The area is all narrow cobbled streets, rustic buildings and historical relics and ruins from the Roman through Ottoman Empires.

Some of the sights within walking distance include: Hadrian’s Gate, Karaalioglu Park, Yivli Minaret and Hidirilik Tower. These are not museums, just features of the landscape, like Oh, there’s a tower from 130 A.D.’ to Wow! This park is perfectly positioned to give you panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast’. I love the use of public space here it’s well-designed for socialising and meandering. There are many restaurants, bars and cafes and in the area and last night I caught a live band playing Turkish and English pop music (Robbie Williams and Britney Spears travel far). I imagine the weekends here are lively!

I woke up this morning to music in my head (Kehinde wrote about this a few weeks back); The Boo Radleys’ Wake Up, It’s A Beautiful Morning. And, so it is. I opened my quaint little windows to let the sun shine into my room and looked out past the red clay rooftops on to the Antalya Harbour and the mountains in the distance.

When I eventually hook up my camera (I’ve left the USB cable at home somewhere), I’ll have to download and post the views from my various windows, they’ve all been beautiful in their own way.

I know nothing about Antalya or what there is to do or see here, as I really only booked this trip to check out a funky little music festival called Sunsplash taking place on the West coast. There is a cool line up of DJs and artists this year, including the incredible Jose James and they have yoga classes and the beach; beats a muddy field if you ask me. So this trip was planned as my big chill!

Now that I’m here though, I think I’ll explore a bit more. If you have any tips on places to check out, let me know!

Will fill you in on the festival next week my travels are winding down and I need to buy a new watch 🙁






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