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Do you know how the economy works? Learn in 30 minutes

I haven’t been as excited about sharing knowledge about finance since reading ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Ray Dalio, known as the Steve Jobs of investing, owns a ten billion dollar investment company. I happened to see him on a morning TV show last week and was intrigued by his demeanour. (I later found out that he meditates, like many successful people). A couple web searches later, I came across a phenomenal YouTube video he created to explain how the economy works in simple terms.

2013: A Challenging year for your Finances

2013 is only 2 months away and financial planners have begun forecasting mixed economic performances for the New Year. Many consumers tend to neglect their finances until it is too late. It’s better to face the music and accept your financial position rather than ignoring the signs that may lead to financial disaster. On a positive note, we have the ability to make the adjustments when necessary.

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